5 Dreamy trends you will see in your bedroom space in 2019

From the art deco era to the dreamy seventies and the modern times, the bedroom space is cozy and fancy this season and it can wow anyone who will come by your place. So, here are five dreamy bedroom trends to follow in 2019:

1. Fancy headboards

The art deco velvet headboards are the most fabulous option you can think of right now. Pick them in a daring shade and match them with golden details and elegant nightstands. And because bedrooms are about dreams, this luxurious headboard will definitely make you dream big!

2. Vintage elements

We get our inspiration from the retro bedroom we see in movies and we want to search more for antiques when decorating our dreamy bedroom. And because the old and the new mix so well, along with some fabulous tropical curtains or wallpaper, the vintage elements are trending in 2019 when it comes to the bedroom space.

3. Coziness

Because hygge is a major trend this season and we constant search for places to relax more, the bed will be one of our home sanctuaries, maybe the next one after the bathtub and it should be as cozy as it can get! Think – candles, cozy carpets, a lot of comfy pillows, soft covers and also a neutral, calm and pastel color palette.

4. A seventies inspired bedroom

The bohemian style makes you think of a very relaxing space, that’s why in 2019 it will fit perfectly your bedroom space. Choose a lot of green oversized plants to surround your bed, pick natural materials such as bamboo or rattan and choose a lot of layers – carpets, cushion, pillows in ethno prints and calm colors you will dream about.

5. Industrial inspired ideas

Think less in a minimal bedroom and get inspired by the industrial style when choosing your nightstand or lights. Mix urban textures with minimal lines and choose only your essentials to have next to your bed, or on your desk.

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