5 Dreamy trends that will rock 2019

It’s time for more 2019 dreamy trends, and we are in love with these five ones we are about to show you. They are in sync with our daily busy lives and they’re also pretty dreamy. Check them out:

1. The dreamy blush

Forget white, grey or beige, blush is the new neutral, bringing a calm, dreamy and chic vibe into any home.And because we paired it before with neutrals, it’s time for new color combos so pair blush with bold and elegant shades like forest green, navy or golden. Be brave and experiment!, says Colleen from Income Realty. You can’t go wrong with this color.

2. Cozy beds

Because we tend to be more tired, feel more relax and look for a calming place, our beds will become our sanctuary so we will love to over decorate them. Choose cozy elements like rugs, furry covers a lot of pillows because this cozy elements make a bed feel calm and familiar.


3. Natural materials

Marble it all its patterns and shades is back in business and you need marble elements into your lovely home. I personally always loved this dreamy natural material so it’s time to pair it with dark tones, mid century elements and golden accents.



4. Geometric patterns

Because we live in a digital and modern era, the geometrical patterns are more present in our daily lives and now also in our own home. They shape a room, they give them a cool and modern vibe and they always look super fresh!

5. Round furniture

Because the ’70 are a constant inspiration in the deco world, in 2019 round and curvy furniture will rock our dreamy homes making them more glam and eye catchy. So from sofas to armchairs, pick round shapes and fabulous fabrics such as velvet.

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