10 Dreamy Scandinavian Interiors you’ll love right now

We say hello in the new season to our constant love for the Scandinavian style. So, therefore we bring you ten super stylish spaces that are modern right now and you will definitely love:

1. Dark notes

A dark room is super cool right now, especially if you love a mysterious vibe in your home. So, next to a dark wall add a dark grey sofa and make candles the only light you need in this magic room.

2. Cozy day

An unusual home tree or plant can make a Scandinavian space more cool then other. So, focus on a statement piece and mix it with black steel coffee tables, a grey sofa and cozy elements.

3. The chic storage area

Make your kitchen storage really cool by choosing a black steel shelf decorated with chic storage solutions in a Scandi style. Also choose dreamy lights for this gorgeous interior that you can add in an oversized plant or on some tree branches.

4. The organized kitchen

Pick dark cabinets for your kitchen in elegant colors and also add a dreamy Scandinavian carpet in this fancy setup. Also, choose black steel for your storage space and organize your small kitchen utensils in neutral boxes.

5. Neutrals love

Add just a pop of color in a Scandinavian inspired space and make sure is a soft and elegant one like blue or green. Also, pick abstract paintings for your new gallery wall and enjoy a modern space.

6. Shiny mix

Make a cool kitchen that looks professional and also really fancy. Choose silver appliances and deco items that look like the ones from a professional restaurant and match them with elegant paintings for a modern deco mix.

7. Winter vibes

Choose all white neutrals and match them with a fancy wooden floor. Also, choose winter inspired deco elements like a pillow case with a wolf face, a coffee table made of wood and gorgeous white furry covers and round carpets.

8. Calm interior

If you want a trendy Scandinavian interior for this season, pair ethno elements with nature inspired materials. Therefore, a dreamy wooden bench will look lovely next to an ethno printed rug and some cozy and neutral Scandinavian elements.

9. The practical space

A fancy and easy idea you can do this season in a Sandi home is creating a fake looking bookcase that will help you save space. Paint a small wall in black to make it different as the others in your home and decorate it with tiny shelves. It will look like a chic bookcase that will look just dreamy next to a Scandi dining space.

10. Relaxing afternoon

A dreamy dining space is always a good idea in a Scandinavian inspired home. So, pick neutral and cool chairs and a round table and decorate them with unique rugs and cozy covers.

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