8 Popular framed pictures you have to have in your new cool home

If you looked pretty often on Pinterest or in different person’s houses you tend to see the same prints on the walls. Why are they so popular you think? Well, maybe because they are the best, they are versatile or just seeing them in different spots we have the need to also add them on our home. That also happened to me. I picked two prints I was obsessing about on Pinterest and I still love them and they are the best ones of my dreamy home.

So check out eight popular framed pictures we picked for you, that will work wonders in your lovely home:

1. The cool big town maps

From New York to Paris, the big city maps look cool in any spot of your dreamy home. Pick a black and white print and match it in a minimal, glam or elegant room. You can even paint it with vintage items or Parisian chic flowers, just get creative and original!

2. The girls in the black suit

Are you a Helmut Newton fan? Then, you’ll love this stylish an elegant print you often tend to see on Pinterest. Is great as a statement piece or just paired with other black and white fashionable pictures. Also, it’s great for a Hollywood inspired home, a minimal room or a space filled with glam golden details.

3. The girl portrait print

A famous work from Paolo Roversi, this truly expressive photo is often seen in different gallery walls. It’s also truly versatile and perfect for any corner of your home, especially when paired with black and white deco item or calm details.

4. The manly Scarlett Johansson print

A photo made by Russell James, the Scarlett Johansson print is super expressive, cool, stylish and perfect for any kind of room, especially when paired with green plants and metallic deco items.

5. Kate Moss moustache print

A cool, funny and super stylish photography of Kate Moss made by Craig Mcdean, this print is truly obsessive. It’s also super eye catchy for any room and it goes great with velvet and leather furniture and minimal and cool deco elements.

6. The Bond Martini poster

A very elegant and hot image of Roger Moore as James Bond, this great picture is perfect for a mid century inspired home or a glam and elegant room. Also, you can add it in a dreamy black and white gallery wall filled with iconic pictures of the Old Hollywood era superstars.

7. All is pretty

This famous Andy Warhol poster looks cool in any room you add it in and it has a great saying on it. Pair it with other black and white prints for the perfect gallery wall.

8. The artsy ladies

The cool digital print drawn by Linn Wold is a great statement picture for your living room. Choose one or two and pair them with Parisian chic elements, pink or colorful accent or glam deco details.

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