8 Dreamy Scandinavian Christmas ideas for a cool holiday

The Nordics know best also when it comes to cool Christmas decorations, so make this holiday more modern and get inspired by the dreamy Scandinavian style. Here are eight creative ideas for an unforgettable Christmas:

1. The Cozy coffee table

Restyle your coffee table for the holiday season and decorate it with a small Christmas tree in a neutral jar and a dreamy lamp and just enjoy the Christmas spirit. Add extra lights and you favorite tea in dreamy minimal tea cups.

2. The casual Christmas diner

Mix comfy chairs with dreamy wooden benches and make the perfect cozy and casual Christmas dinner. Add furry covers on every sitting area and decorate the table with candles and tree branches with magic lights all around them. Don’t forget Christmas tree branches all along the table, neutral dishes and dreamy globes and holiday ornaments that surround the space.

3. Golden details

This season pick very special flatware in golden shades and match them with black, white and green deco elements. Also, make a magic moment by adding long candles in elegant candlesticks and dreamy white candles wrapped in pine tree branches.

4. The tiny deco corner

For this holiday season pick just a small Christmas tree in a jar and add in on an adorable tiny wooden bench. Surround it with white candles, green leafs and a cozy and dreamy furry rugs.

5. A dreamy branch

Decorate a tree branch with your favorite Christmas ornaments in metallic and neutral shades. Add it next to a dark wall for a great constant and set the mood in this space with scented candles in holiday flavors such as orange or cinnamon.

6. The small trees

Plant small Christmas trees in minimal vases and jars and place them on your coffee table or on a cute side table next to your comfy couch. Also, decorate your sofa with neutral cozy covers for a dreamy and lazy vibe.


7. The lovely ornaments

Decorate a simple wall with neutral ornament like dreamy stars or lovely snowflakes. Also, add a small Christmas tree next to them and decorate a glass dome with small adorable Christmas trees.

8. The dreamy stars

If you really like stars, hang them from your ceiling and decorate them with dreamy pine tree branches or beautiful green leafs. Also, add some magic in the space by filling a jar with neutral lights.

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