8 Chic ideas for the perfect living room space that’s great for winter

Make your living room space chic and winter ready with just some simple tricks that you will love. And because winter is about spending a lot of time with your friends and family we thought that this be will be the perfect  space, so start decorating it with dreamy items. Here are eight ideas for you:

1. Choose a brick wall

Make your living room really cool and industrial by giving it an unfinished look. Choose just a brick wall and pair it with a neutral or pastel wall, like a gorgeous pink one. Style this room with copper and other industrial details and neutral deco items; you can also add some printed details and some texture in this chic interior.

2. Add a neutral sofa

This kind of sofa really blends in with any kind of design and it looks pretty chic. Also, you can add around it as many design items as you wish and you can also decorate it with a cozy pillow mix or with some stylish printed pillows.

3. Style your coffee table

You coffee table is the perfect excuse to practice you design skills. Start with a lovely tray for coffee or small deco items, add cute mugs, pick fun coffee table books and make a cozy vibe with candles or candlesticks.

4. Add chic chairs next to the sofa

Think of your favorite chairs and add them next to your sofa, as long as they’re in the same style. Make them cozy by decorating them with furry covers or neutral pillow and invite your friends because now you have a great sitting area in this room.

5. Give structure to the space by adding a great rug

Pick a neutral or black and white furry rug and add it under your sofa, dining area or coffee table. This easy trick will add structure to the space, everything will seem in place and it will also add a warm vibe for the winter season.

6. Make a reading space

Get cozy this winter and make a dreamy reading space next to your sofa or in a corner of your living room. Choose a comfy armchair and decorate it with covers, furry rugs and fun pillows, also you can add a small ottoman next to it.

7. Add oversized plants

Don’t forget plants or even a Christmas tree that you can add next to your couch or in a free corner of this room. Choose oversized green plants and pair them with neutral deco items.

8. Choose a stylish floor lamp

Give style to the room by adding a cool floor lamp; choose a statement one that goes above the sofa or just a cool neutral, golden or industrial model and add it next to the couch. Also, make it your own light during the night for a perfect cozy and magical vibe.

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