7 Dreamy Party ideas for New Year’s Eve


Make the New Year’s Eve really special and fun by thinking of all the ingredients you need for a party to be a hit. From dreamy decorations to fun games, we bring you seven party hacks you’ll love for your home party:

1. Decorate a cool bar cart

Because the New Year’s Eve is about partying and drinking, make sure you have a gorgeous bar cart. Decorate it with cute bottles, fancy glasses (choose as many models as you can) fruits, straws and also tie balloons on your bar cart or hang dreamy stars or other shiny figurines. Everything will look super dreamy!

2. Fill the room with balloons, letters and numbers

You have to have a looot of balloons for New Years Eve. Pick classic balloon in white, golden and black or choose special balloons. For example: you can choose a set of balloons that says, ”New Years” or ”2019”. Pick them in gold or pink – they will look fantastic!

3. Make your New Years Eve cocktails really fancy

Make every drink you serve on this dreamy day really special! Add fancy straws, choose party ornament for the champagne glasses or decorate every glass with fruits. Your guest will love your special cocktails and the party will be a success.

4. Create a question game for your guests

This is more of a ”Fill in the blanks…” kind of game and its super fun and perfect for interacting with your guests. Select different cards that represent a moment of this year and make everyone pick a card and respond to the question turn by turn. You can add things like ”Favorite moment of the Year” or ”A new friends you made this year”. Download this game here.


5. Choose props for your guests

From party hats to funny glasses or fancy masks, it’s time to make your pictures memorable for New Years Eve. So in a corner of your home make a special photo booth and add a lot of props for your party guests to enjoy and make funny pictures with.

6. Make confetti balloons

Choose clear balloons and fill them with shiny colorful confetti. This deco idea will look simply dreamy and you will have a stylish room for the New Year’s. Also, make this cute party hack along with your guests; they will have fun while decorating these dreamy balloons.

7. Play a drinking game

Drinking games are super popular on holidays so you can try easy ones like watching a movie and drinking any time a character says one specific word of laughs or you can play a cool card game, like this one. It has cool challenges like, ”Drink if you can’t wait for these year to be over” or, ”Drink if you took a selfie in the past hour”.

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