6 Aristocratic spaces for a splendid winter


Sometimes, all your need in your life is an aristocratic corner or furniture that will definitely make your home splendid for the winter season, because the winter wonderland has a royal touch to it. So here are six dreamy and aristocratic ideas for your dreamy home:

1. Olive details

This season the olive velvet is super chic so add it in your living room or bedroom and pair it with mid century elements such as a dreamy chandelier or a golden table. Add also, gorgeous painting in a bold color scheme and a splendid neutral wallpaper that will make this room truly fancy.

2. Bistro vibe

Match neutral bistro chairs with colorful aristocratic wallpaper and you will have a fancy interior you’ll love to have dinner or breakfast in. Also add a lot of chic plants around the space and enjoy a fresh vibe in this room.

3. The cool fireplace

Pair a Parisian chic fireplace with mid century elements like a cool chair and some green oversized plants or a small table and you will love the aristocratic vibe of the room. Also, add a statement mirror next to the fireplace and decorate it with white candles.

4. Eclectic living space

Mix new modern elements with a fancy chair, a Parisian chic fireplace and other aristocratic elements that will transform this room into an eclectic and dreamy interior. Add also cool deco items around the space that represent art or that are vintage inspired.

5. The fancy cabinet

Paint a living room or hallway cabinet in a bold retro color and decorate it with a looot of deco items. Add also two vintage lamps to give this space symmetry and choose a gorgeous statement work or art or painting.

6. The cool desk

Make e desk out of a retro table and match it with a mid century inspired chair. In front of your desk make a dreamy gallery wall in a retro color scheme. Add also a statement chandelier that will pop up in this aristocratic interior.

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