5 Dreamy living room corners you will simply adore

For autumn make a magical corner in your living room. Whether you choose a relaxing corner or one for storing that’s perfectly styled, or why not a dreamy bar, make the perfect pick and enjoy this beautiful season of the year. Here are five gorgeous ideas for you:

1. True blue

Pick a gorgeous cabinet with windows and store in it your favorite books, deco items, accessories or even your favorite shoes! Add dreamy plants around this space and pick a calm color for your living room wall such as baby blue or dusty pink.

2. Dreaming of a vacation

Still thinking about your summer vacation? Well, all your need to do is make an exotic and happy corner in your living room and really imagine you’re still on vacation. Pick a colorful cabinet in an optimistic shade like pink, yellow or orange and add around it framed pictures from your vacation or with exotic destinations you would like to visit sometime.

3. Artsy day

Get inspired by the mid century style and decorate your living room in a fantastic retro way. For your cabinet pick an elegant color like emerald or navy blue and add around it black and white artsy photos and mid century lamps. Don’t forget a retro lounge chair, because this space is perfect for reading in a cozy and relaxing afternoon.

4. Natural feeling

Get inspired by nature and create a corner in your living room that looks a lot like a place from the woods or far away at the country side. Pick a light colored wood for your cabinet, add tiny plants all around the space and choose framed pictures with stones and tree or whatever element makes you think about nature.

5. In an elegant way

Make a very relaxing corner in your living room by making a velvet lounge chair the center piece of this interior. Pick a retro theme for this corner and choose a retro brown cabinet and some vintage deco items like a lamp or a painting. Don’t forget to add some green plants that will add a nature vibe in this dreamy spot.

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