4 Benefits Of Using Heavy Equipment For Your Next Lawn Renovation

 Designing your home to make it feel cozy does not only entail the remodeling of its interior spaces. Outside areas like your lawn is also vital in evoking a sense of comfortability. This way, you create a place that’s entirely your own which showcases your unique personality and interests.

If you bought your property from another individual, it’s more likely that you want to make some modifications to the land. Enlist the help of professionals who can provide you with services such as soil testing, fertilization, and aeration to take advantage of the area by planting flowers or herbs.

Moreover, contractors are prepared with their heavy equipments to make massive remodeling projects easier. Here are the benefits of using these for your lawn renovation:

  1. Replaces Old Turf

Excavators are machines that allow you to remove poor-quality turf and replace it with a new one. It is comprised of a boom, dipper, bucket, and cab all of which are connected to a rotating platform. This heavy equipment is ideal for digging trenches, material handling, and general landscaping.

When hiring a contractor, it’s best to know what equipment you need for your renovation project. This way, you can assess whether you are responsible for the cost of components such as replacing excavator rubber tracks or not. A trustworthy professional, however, will only be recommending equipment that’s necessary for the completion of the job.

  1. Repairs Grade Issues

Landscape grading is one of the most essential parts of yard maintenance. Proper grading can make sure that the lawn is balanced after landscaping and prevent expensive foundation repair. This process levels yards to eliminate lumps and bumps caused by tree removals or sewer installation. It prevents the ground from sloping back to your home.

For grading, you still need earth-moving equipment like excavators since the topsoil from the problem area has to be removed. Next, the subsoil should be adjusted by scraping the high areas and filling in the low spaces. This step will take its toll on the machine so the contractor should be ready with excavator rubber track replacement just in case.

  1. Takes Better Care of the Soil

Since you’re already digging the land, lawn renovations offer you an excellent opportunity to amend the soil in your lawn. You should use fertilizers that work well when sprinkled or sprayed onto the ground. Your dream garden should showcase the beauty of the plants and the land.

Before you can choose the right nourishment for your lawn, you need to identify the different types of soil first:


  • Clay – If your land has a clumpy, sticky feeling to it when it’s soaked but turns hard when dry, you have clay soil. Plants that flourish in this type of land include tomatoes, basil, and strawberries. Ornamental trees like the Eastern Redbud and Serviceberry also thrive in this soil.
  • Sandy – If your soil has a gritty sensation, then it’s sandy. Tulips flourish in this kind of ground as well as carrots, potatoes, and other root crops.
  • Silty – With a soft and soapy consistency, silty soil ought to be combined with composted organic matter for it to absorb more nutrients. With ample drainage, the majority of vegetable and fruits thrive in this type of soil.
  • Loamy – It is the ideal type of land. It is a combination of sandy, silty, and clay soils. Most plants do well in loamy soil since it retains more moisture and nutrients.

If you don’t want to worry about what to plant in your garden, you can excavate the old land and replace it with loam. Because it combines the three types of soil, your vegetables and flowers get the benefit of their desirable characteristics. Ideally, loam has a 40-40-20% composition of sand, silt, and clay, respectively.

  1. Makes Soil Smooth and Firm

Heavy equipment makes it easier for you to rake the area for replanting. Your lawn should be free of stone and vegetative matter that came up to the surface during tilling.

Rocks in the soil can damage your lawn mowers and other equipment as well as become  obstacles for the growth of deep-rooted plants. Clearing debris after landscaping is a must to achieve an aesthetically beautiful garden.


Lawn renovation is not an easy feat. But, you can make it less stressful by hiring a contractor who have necessary heavy equipments to complete the job faster. Outsourcing the task will not only save you time and money; it will also protect you from the risks involved with operating these machines.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash


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