10 Yummy recipes just in time for Christmas

This Christmas prepare a special holiday dinner with a dreamy table setting and the perfect courses. Or start a fun party with themed holiday appetizers. To help you out, here are ten yummy Christmas themed recipes:

1. Baked goat cheese roasted cranberry appetizer

This fine appetizer is for people who love making sophisticated food and it will look simply amazing on your Christmas table setting. Go take a look at the lovely recipe here.

2. Cranberry and feta pinwheels

Cute and with the holiday colors, these cranberry and feta rolls are the perfect appetizers for a wine Christmas party. If you want to try and make them, check out the recipe here.

3. Holiday Devilled Eggs recipe

These yummy and fun looking stuffed eggs have the dreamy red and green Christmas colors. So, make this eye catchy appetizer and serve it for your Christmas dinner, learn the recipe here.

4. Cranberry pecan mini goat cheese balls

Here are some dreamy appetizers that are perfect for a Christmas party and they also look pretty fancy! Go and check out the lovely recipe here.


5. Sage and Cranberry Turkey Meatballs

Just look at how lovely this festive meatballs look! So, make them your fun holiday appetizer and your guests will definitely love them. See the recipe right here.

6. Cranberry goat cheese crescent ring

This holiday themed delicious ring sure looks amazing at it will make your Christmas dinner and table setting really special. Go and check out the recipe here.

7. Christmas tree spinach dip breadsticks appetizer

This fun and holiday themed appetizer is just great as a party starter. It looks pretty dreamy so you better check out this recipe here.

8. Caramelized onion and cranberry stuffed turkey breasts

This great main course looks simply amazing and is great for turkey fans. So, if you want to learn this recipe you can find it right here.

9. Coffee Crusted steak

Here we have a dreamy main course ideal for people who love sophisticated food. You can try this recipe at home and prepare it for your friends and family, see it here.

10. Sugar cranberry salad

This light meal is just perfect for people who are on a diet or love salads and healthy food. Try out this recipe and learn how to make it here.

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