10 Starry ornaments for a chic Christmas

If you really love stars, make this Christmas magical, chic and starry, of course! Pick star ornament and deco items and add stars all around your Christmas tree. Here are ten stylish ideas on how you can include stars in your dreamy home for this holiday season:

1. The starry table setting

If you want a really elegant and fancy Christmas pick black stars as table ornament or as hanging deco items and match them with a white and red table setting. This color combo will look super chic and it will be also holiday themed.

2. Magic diner

Add mixed stars on a dreamy Scandinavian branch. Choose 3D stars, stars made out of lights and some made of grass, green leafs or Christmas tree branches. Add them next to a dreamy diner setting or in your lovely living room.

3. The cute star ornaments

Make a Christmas tree looking super gorgeous by adding wooden star ornament all around it. Match them with other cute Christmas motifs made out of wood and pick neutral and gold as the main color scheme for the tree.

4. Hold the door

On a dreamy and beautiful door painted in white or red add gorgeous stars with Christmas tree branches. They will look simply dreamy and also will be just perfect for the outside door or any door of your lovely home.

5. Style a tray!

Make a stylish tray for your nightstand, side or coffee table and decorate it with white stars, long candles, pine cones and Christmas ornament. Get creative, choose neutrals and surround it with magic lights.

6. Hanging stars

Surround your living room with dreamy silver or golden stars. Add hanging stars on your walls add dreamy stars on your lovely tree and also add statement star ornaments all around the room. The vibe will be simply magical!


7. The small Christmas tree

In a minimal or Scandinavian home decorate a small Christmas tree with white or neutral stars to really make it stand out. This simple deco arrangement is perfect for a cozy home or one in calm neutrals.

8. Magic moments

A simple way to add magic in your dreamy home is by adding neutral lights shaped like a star in a simple jar. Place it everywhere in your home, turn the light off in your home and enjoy a cozy and magical holiday vibe.

9. The red star

Make a red and green Christmas arrangement in your home and pick red oversized stars for your tree, your door or any deco corner of your winter space.

10. The dreamy corner

Make a Christmas themed corner in your lovely home and fill it with Christmassy pictures, dreamy lights and of course oversized stars. Match it also with scented candles in a holiday flavor or long elegant candles for a fancy vibe.

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