Style and home design guide – Which outfits go with your home style?

Ever thought about mixing your home style with your fashion look? Well, most of the times we tend to love the same things in fashion and in decor. Like, me for example, I just love golden details in my home and in my outfits, are you the same? Well, here are eight dreamy examples on how a home deco style really looks as a fashion outfit:

1. Minimal chic

Home: You love a home that’s well organized, has neutral colors and it’s always neat and clean. The simple lines are your favorites, the modern and vintage deco mix it’s a must and the Nordic style is one of your favorites.

Clothes: The ’90 look is perfect for you, and the simple, yet elegant and classy outfits are ideal for you.

2. Scandinavian style

Home: A home with cozy vibes it’s ideal for you and you love mixing minimal furniture’s with boho elements and deco items that really show your personality.

Clothes: If for your home you love cozy blankets and furry rugs for your day to day style you love scarfs, cozy jackets and stylish Nordic elements that create a chic outfit that’s perfect for fall.

3. Boho look

Home: You mix seventies decor with Scandia and Californian chic influences. Your home has a magic vibe and is filled with dream chasers, oversized green plants, printed rugs and dreamy lights.

Clothes: You love a relaxed look filled with a print mix. You love mixing new and retro clothes and having a seventies vibe.

4. Californian chic

Home: You love exotic plants, creative prints and bohemian deco elements. Also, your home always has a relaxed vacation vibe.

Clothes: Prints are a must in your wardrobe and so are relaxed clothing items and boo dresses or skirts wore with boot and long jackets.

5. Parisian chic

Home: The dreamy Parisian home is filled with velvet details, fancy and elegant furniture and a lot of art. It has a modern twist and a lot of class.

Clothes: The sophisticated style of your home is shown in your perfect outfits. You love also modern elements, classy items, feminine cuts and neutral colors.

6. ’70 Chic

Home: Your home is filled with mid century details, bold colors and a lot of art items. You love an original design and fancy vibe in your dreamy space.

Clothes: The seventies look is perfect for you. Think about long printed dress, short jackets and wide pants and also a stylish disco look.

7. Retro look

Home: The retro home is deco jewelry with a vintage vibe or an aristocratic love. You treasure old items and you mix them with modern ones for a fresh home deco look.

Clothes: You love a 50′-60′ style or you mix these elements in any modern outfit you choose.


8. Eclectic style

Home: You home is a mix of elements, styles colors and design. It’s perfect for artist swho own a lot of stuff and can’t decide on a certain style.

Clothes: You have an artsy style and your outfits are full with creativity and bold colors. You love also prints and retro elements.

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