How to make your bathroom the perfect Spa and relaxing home oasis

Autumn is the perfect season to relax and really enjoy some quiet time at home. To help you out in relaxing more in finding your inner peace we come out with five dreamy ideas for transforming your bathroom space in the perfect Spa and relaxing home oasis. Check them out:


1. Create a reading space on your bathtub

Talking about creative reading space, you should definitely consider one in your retro or modern bathtub. Just pick a special wooden tray and decorate it with candles, flowers, your favorite drink and books. You can enjoy cozy time reading in a bathtub filled with bubbles and you will definitely get a relaxing spa feeling in your home.

2. Add some scent

Great scent really helps you relax and candles really set the mood into a space. So, make sure you will decorate your bathroom with scented sticks and candles and never forget that you cannot ever have too many candles.

3. Make a home garden

Plants set a fresh mood into your home and help you find our peace. Also, it’s super healthy to have plants, so make sure you pick them also for your bathroom. Get really exotic with oversized palm tree or add a lot of tiny green plants all around your bathtub. The bathroom sure is a great and dreamy space for a home garden.

4. Pick dreamy towels

Besides giving a gorgeous look to the bathroom, towels can be also very comforting and relaxing if you pick some that are soft and have a good quality. Also, make sure you place them in a lovely way, choose neutral colors or oriental prints and really make your bathroom looking like a dreamy spa.

5. Add spa look alike furniture

If you really want your bathroom looking like a dreamy relaxing space, get inspired by your favorite Spa and add gorgeous furniture in this space. Think about tiny chairs made out of wood or the ones that are inspired by the Oriental style, think about tiny tables, raffia baskets, wooden benches and dreamy vintage pieces. You can also find the right bathtub option for people with disabilities with a variety of spa features. Therefore, read this comparing walk in tub review and enjoy the bathing procedures with comfort and safety.

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