8 Sophisticated rooms for a fancy autumn season

A show stopper work of art, a fantastic space, golden elements, statement pieces, this things can define a sophisticated style that can make your room fancy and eye catchy. Everyone will notice a sophisticated home, so if you’re not a minimalist, here are eight dreamy ideas for you:

1. Glam time

Choose an elegant velvet sofa that looks like a day bed, it’s more relaxing and makes you think of the lazy bourgeois times.  Match it with a fabulous mid century inspired chandelier and a very chic armchair.

2. Let’s dine!

Mix a marble and golden table with velvet chairs in different elegant shades like navy blue or burgundy. Next to it add a very artistic gallery wall where you can feature the pictures that inspired you or wonderful abstract paintings.

3.  The pastel game

Make a pastel bedroom really dramatic and charming by adding elegant and dark shades that will make a dreamy contrast in the room. Add also a golden nightstand, dreamy candles and a golden statement chandelier.

4. Romantic evening

Get inspired by the American diners and make a charming and romantic dining area with a velvet sofa and mixed chairs in neutral and gold and add cute pillows everywhere and dreamy flowers.

5. Golden moments

Add a lot of golden items in a neutral or white bathroom; you will have a glam space that will make you wish to relax more after a busy day. Add also roses or dreamy autumn flowers, candles and chic framed pictures.

6. The elegant bar counters

Mix a marble bar counter with bar stools made of velvet and creates a stylish open dining space. Add also a fabulous chandelier, golden or silver deco items and seasonal flowers.

7. Artsy week

Match velvet with marble and make a dreamy gallery wall in black and white in your fancy living room space. Add also an elegant neutral carpet and make next to the sofa a chic dining room space in neutral colors.

8. Fancy celebration

Choose a day and make a dinner party for your friends. Make your dining area really spacial and decorate your table with golden flatware, green leaves and print a chic menu. Also, in this fancy space, a themed gallery wall with Hollywood celebrities would be just perfect!

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