8 Dreamy living rooms that focus on low shelves

Make a gorgeous living room by choosing low shelves. They are enough storage space for this kind of spaces and they help you make room for more art and inspirational pictures. Here are eight dreamy ideas for your living room with low shelves:

1. Vintage memories

Choose a statement black and white framed picture that really catches your attention. Browse through retro archives and find the one that inspires you the most. Then, decorate a neutral low shelf with a lot of colorful books and add a vintage corner with raffia furniture next to it. Everything will look simply dreamy.

2. Black vs. white

This kind of arrangement with low shelves is perfect for a minimal home. So keep in mind black and white and mix white shelves with black deco items and framed pictures and create a cool deco spot for your living room.

3. Artsy mood

Add just one shelf in your living room and add deco items, magazine and books directly on the floor. Then, pick a black and white picture with celebrities or one that show emotion and make it the wow factor of this corner of your living room.

4. Romantic vibe

Mix and match minimal objects and furniture with romantic elements and floral prints and you will love this gorgeous arrangement for your low shelves and living room. It’s chic, bohemian and very relaxing!

5. Retro mania

Make a reading corner in your dreamy living room that has an eclectic style and focuses on retro elements like a mid century inspired chair and a neutral wooden low shelf. Fill the shelf with your favorite books, albums and eccentric deco items and add on top of it retro prints and colorful framed pictures.

6. Elegant day

In an elegant or classic home add a beautiful armchair next to your low shelf and decorate this arrangement with old books, classic deco items and vintage inspired objects.

7. Print mix

Mix and match deco items with patterns. Pick different storage boxes with dreamy prints and frame different pictures with colorful patterns on your gorgeous wall. You will love the happy result!

8. Sophisticated space

Make a sophisticated reading and relaxing space next to some low shelves. Pick a raffia chair and also add oversized plants around it to make it more exotic. Pick black shelves and decorate it with a lot of books albums and fancy and elegant deco items.

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