8 Dreamy gallery walls that will make your living room nostalgic and artsy

This autumn get artsy by making a dreamy gallery wall in your living room. Choose a theme, a mood or just mix and match the pictures that really inspire you or go very well with this nostalgic season. Here are eight gorgeous ideas for you:

1. Art time

Get super artsy by picking only black and white pictures for your gallery wall. Place them having in mind a perfect symmetry and also choose a theme or a story to tell through them.

2. The collector

If you have a big living room space, choose a huge gallery wall that goes from a wall to the other one. Choose only black and white pictures and choose any theme you like. You can even frame souvenirs or personal pictures, everything will look great!

3. Abstract mood

Get a little bit abstract and make a lot of optical illusions in your dreamy living room by mix and matching abstract spaces with black and white framed pictures that show architecture, landscapes and dreamy autumn flowers.

4. Bohemian love

Mix and match framed pictures with abstract painting and create a cool and modern gallery wall for your living room. To give a bohemian vibe in this dreamy space add green plants and ethno prints, everything will look gorgeous.

5. Chic vibe

Mix and match posters, fashionable pictures and old pictures with modern and retro furniture. Everything will look super chic, especially for a small living room space.

6. Moody day

Mix framed pictures with abstract art with some that show emotion. Then, choose only neutrals for your living room and focus on only two colors. This was, your gallery wall will really make a statement in your living room.

7. Fashion time

If you love fashion and you have a minimal, scandi or elegant living room, choose famous photos, pictures with supermodels, quotes or anything that has to do with this lovely domain.

8. Vintage vibe

Make a cool gallery wall around your dining room space focusing on old and artistic pictures. Add also frames in different sizes and pick them in black and white.

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