7 Dreamy dining rooms you will obsess about this autumn

Get ready for an autumn dinner with friends and family in a fabulous dining space. Set the mood, add dreamy deco items and themed autumn details and celebrate the beautiful cold season. Here are eight gorgeous ideas for you:

1. Cool evening

Get pretty artsy in your living room and make a dreamy gallery wall in cold and neutral colors that will stand out among furniture in the same color scheme. Also, combine blue and white with different shades of brown, this dreamy color scheme will be perfect for this season and your dining space.

2. Dramatic mood

Pick velvet chairs for your elegant dining room and add them around a big wooden table. Then, decorate this room with a loot of beautiful fall flowers and set a dramatic mood into this lovely room by creating a red vs. blue color contrast.

3. Modern times

If you want a modern and elegant dining space pick gray, white and black and add statement framed pictures with posters or artistic images all around this space. Add also mid century inspired lamps and a lot of art objects, everything will look very classy and fancy!

4. Ethno elements

Create a farmhouse western vibe into your wall dining space an match the fall colors with ethno prints. Add covers, carpets and printed chairs with this lovely ethno accents and enjoy this season in your dreamy home.

5. Rustic vibe

Make a dining space rustic and cozy by picking wooden furniture, adding vintage candles sticks with candles and adding a lot of tree branches around the space. Also, to make this room look bigger add a dreamy wall decorated only with vintage mirrors, super dreamy!

6. Wine time

Prepare a romantic and cozy evening in your home and invite your friends for a wine party. Add rattan chairs, choose a neutral colors palette and make a contrast between the red wine and green plants or add red and rose deco items all around this space.

7. Retro look

A retro and intimate dining space is perfect for a small party in the cold season. So, pick vintage chairs, add artsy painting and pictures all around the space and a lot of green plants.

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