6 Dreamy tips to style your lovely nightstand

It’s bedtime so make everything dreamy in your bedroom and let your room really tell the story about you. Star with the nightstand and make it the fashionable and dreamy corner of your room. Here are six easy tricks to follow:

1. Add a dreamy lamp

Perfect for reading in the night, but also a great design item, the lamp styling is inspired by the lovely design you see in hotels. So pick a cool or creative lamp and match it with the style of your bedroom.

2. Choose framed pictures as a background

Dreamy frames really shape up a room, so match your lovely frame with the color palette used to style the nightstand or used for your nightstand. You can choose more than one frame and make a cool themed gallery wall that goes perfect with your personality of the style of the room.

3. Style a lovely tray

Add your beauty products, reading glasses and tiny elements in a dreamy tray or on dreamy printed plates along with cute deco items. This way, everything will be well organized and will also look perfect. Moreover, match it with flowers, books and candles for the perfect nightstand arrangement.

4. Add tiny plants or flowers

Never forget about nature when decorating your nightstand, especially if you love green plants, they go with everything and look pretty cool! If you’re more of a romantic pick plastic or natural flowers and style them in a gorgeous vase.


5. Set the mood with candles

Add cute scented candles all over your nightstand, books or magazines. They are never enough, so choose as many as you wish in white, pastel or pick the ones with a dreamy design.

6. Style your favorite books or magazines

Whether you have a minimal nightstand or one with an extra shelf, add your favorite and books  and magazines and arrange them in a cute way. Mix and match them with dreamy deco items and create a practical and trendy nightstand styling.


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