What would I buy from the new IKEA collection – My top 10 favorite items

I just discovered the new IKEA collection and already picked my top favorites. So, I plan to do some redecorating in my new home, how about you? Here are my top ten new IKEA favorites and I would very much like to find out your favorites:

1. An ottoman with storage space

I love velvet furniture as much as I love practical furniture. So, this ottoman with storage space is perfect to store books in a reading corner, for extra sitting in your living room or as your vanity chair in your dreamy bedroom.

2. Set of tree golden candlesticks

Since I love romantic diners, this elegant and chic candlestick is perfect for my dining space. It’s also golden, which will give a glam touch to my living space.

3. A grey sofa

Grey is the perfect color when choosing a sofa, and I love this new Landskrona couch with a cool design and wooden legs. It really looks good with any kind of deco style.

4. The comfy armchair

Pastel is such calming colors and this dreamy green pastel is perfect for a reading corner where you can sit for hours and enjoy your favorite books.

5. Pink artificial flowers

I love artificial flowers because they are easy maintenance and they still look dreamy, especially if they are pink like these fake peonies.

6. The stylish display box

If you own a lot so pretty items, shoes, bags like I do then you need this dreamy display box to show them off. Find the perfect spot for in your bedroom and make it the center piece of your room.

7. The 2 piece poster

Since I love both fashion and nature, this chic poster would be perfect for my home, but also any kind of Scandi, minimal or Parisian chic home. Gorgeous, right?

8. Metallic kitchen cart

I love carts and this new IKEA kitchen carts is super stylish and very practical, perfect for your dining space but also useful to store tiny stuff in your living room, balcony or even bedroom, just get a little creative.

9 Open cabinets

This elegant cabinet is perfect for wine lovers like me, and also for people who love to store cooking books or anything that comes in handy in the living room or kitchen area.

10. For the jewelry fans

Last but not least, I would buy this awesome decoration hand because I own a lot of jewelry and rigs and this will be a great and creative way to organize them and see the better.

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