8 Dreamy Scandinavian blue shades you will love for your walls this fall

This season paint your dreamy Scandinavian home in a blue shade. There are a lot of shades of blue, you just have to find the perfect one from you and you’re going to definitely love blue: it’s super calm, relaxing, chic and elegant. Here are our eight blue suggestions for your dreamy walls:

1. Silver dusk

A very light shade of blue, ”Silver Dusk” is perfect for a room where you will prefer a calm and light feeling and where you can relax all day. This shade goes very well with light colored neutrals and with light green.

2. Palladian blue

A combo between blue and green, ”Palladian blue” has a retro twist with it and goes perfectly in spaces where you mix modern retro elements with retro treasures. Pair it with brown, green and gold and enjoy this dreamy shade.

3. Sea star gray

A mix between light blue and gray, this relaxing shade makes you think of the blue sea and it’s also pretty elegant and work wonders in a Scandinavian or classy home. Pair it with black and white and also happy accents such as yellow or pink.

4. Wolf gray

A darker blue, with a lot of gray accents, these mysterious shade is perfect for a sophisticated room with cool and modern furniture. Pair it with dark brown and green and enjoy its dreamy elegance.

5. Claydon blue gray

This very elegant shade is perfect for a minimal space where all the cool and Scandinavian furniture really need to pop out. Pair it with light brown, black and white and paint a cool room with it.

6. Argent gray

This shades that resembles baby blue is perfect for a very relaxing space like the bedroom. Pair it with light neutrals and other soft pastels and enjoy its dreamy look.

7. Labrador blue

This calm and classy shade defines perfectly a Scandinavian space and goes greet with cool elements and a marble print. Pair it with other shades ob blue, white, grey and black and enjoy a relaxing day in your dreamy blue home.

8. Dresden blue

A grayer shade of blue, ”Dresder blue” is perfect for a Parisian chic or Scandinavian space that has white sophisticated details around the walls. Pair it with cooper, gold and green and enjoy its super chic touch.

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