7 Boho kitchens that will make you dream this fall

This fall get a bohemian vibe in your kitchen and create a modern exotic space that will make you want to try on new recipes, have romantic dinners or invite more friends over. To help you out we will show you seven dreamy boho kitchens that will make you dream about this nostalgic season:

1. Print mix

Think of the ethnic influences you see when you travel all around the fall and bring that vibe into your bohemian kitchen. Choose ethnic rugs, add a lot of tiny plants all around the place and also choose different deco items like baskets, bowls or glasses with different creative prints.

2. Eclectic mix

Make an eclectic mix with a bohemian vibe in your dreamy kitchen. Mix and match wooden vintage chairs in different designs with a looot of green plants in different sizes and choose open shelves where you can add your cute ingredients, mugs or dishes.

3. Greenery vibe

Focus on green in your boho kitchen and pick a green table or green chairs and green plants, of course, a lot of them! Match them with autumn flowers, vintage deco pieces and neutral deco items that will make green really pop up in this lovely space.

4. Neutral day

Mix the bohemian vibe with chic influences and add pastel wooden chairs, a cool lamp and fashionable deco items that you can mix and match with your dishes and kitchen facilities.

5. Cozy mood

For a cozy bohemian kitchen leave a brick wall into this space and next to it paint the wall in a buttery white. Don’t forget small green tress and cute printed rugs; everything will look pretty homey and cozy.

6. Chic space

This boho set up is perfect for a big kitchen where you have enough room for a dining area and also a cute bar with wooden bar stools. Add also printed rugs around the space, leaves, tree branches and cool dishes with ethno prints. As for the furniture, go for neutrals and let the boho prints really shine in this space.

7. Boho love

Create a bohemian and cozy dining space using vintage chairs and puffy chair covers.  Add candlesticks around the space romantic framed picture and enjoy a dinner in two in your dreamy boho kitchen space.

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