6 Reasons why you will love a Green shade in your bedroom

Planning in redecorating your bedroom for fall? Well, make it green or at least give it some dreamy green accents. If you are not convinced yet, here are six reasons why we love this shade so much for the bedroom space:

1. It will bring a royal vibe in this lovely room

Green is a royal shade and it’s also very classy and elegant. So pick a velvet green fabric for your bedroom, especially in an emerald shade and choose it for you bed frames, curtains, covers and armchairs. You will love the fancy vibe this room will get.

2. It goes well with neutrals

Green can really pop up between calm neutrals, shades you definitely want for your bedroom. So, mix and match light or dark green with light brown and white or even grey and get that relaxing feeling in a bedroom that still has a little bit of color in it.

3. It’s perfect for any kind of deco style

You want green for your bedroom? Well, add it for any kind of bedroom style. From a Parisian chic, to a bohemian, retro or Scandinavian bedroom, you can choose a green wall, green furniture or green curtains or other gorgeous details to decorate this beautiful room.

4. It makes you think of the forest 

Green always makes you think about nature, but in the autumn season, especially about a gorgeous and mysterious forest. So, pick a dark green wall, green sheets or furniture for your bedroom and enjoy a nature vibe in this interior, especially if you add more forest inspired elements like small trees or themed pictures.

5. It has an exotic twist to it

If you still miss summer and the warm season, add a green exotic vibe in your bedroom. Pick a light shade of green and mix it with tropical elements. Add, also green oversized plants around the room and imagine you’re still in a fabulous vacation.

6. For Christmas you can pair with red and enjoy a holiday vibe

Already getting ready for Christmas? Well, if you don’t have a green bedroom, make one and pair it with red for a festive vibe. Give this room a holiday feeling and pick cozy green and red elements; you will love the Christmas vibe this interior will have.

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  1. Loving this article. We are obsessed with green. Every room in a different shade of green please!
    Keep up the great content. 🙂 x