6 Gorgeous ideas for a Seventies autumn

The Seventies are pretty cool this new season, so if you love this style do bring a little bit of it in your dreamy home. Get inspired by the seventies prints, colors and original furniture and make your home outstanding. Here are six gorgeous ideas for you:

1. Pick a dreamy day bed

Start relaxing more in your home and make a lazy corner decorated with a gorgeous seventies day bed. Pick one made out of velvet or leather in an autumn shade and adds, lamps, painting and framed pictures around it.

2. Add fancy seventies chairs

Create a unique design in your lovely home by adding seventies inspired chairs all around the living room or in your bedroom. Match them with a mid century cabinet, an elegant lamp and dreamy lamps that hang really low, next to your coffee table.

3. Add lovely velvet elements

Velvet is a rich fabric that shows best the lovely seventies. I, pick a velvet armchair for your study space or reading corner, a dreamy velvet seventies sofa or a velvet daybed for your living space. You will love how elegant your home will get.

4. Pick a seventies color palette

The seventies color palette is perfect for the fall season. Think about dark arrange, chestnut brown, emerald green, navy blue and decorate your home with dreamy colors that will easily pop out.

5. Choose abstract art and creative prints

Oversized abstract paintings in bold colors work wonders in this kind of space. Also, to give more contrast to the space and make all the seventies furniture really pop out, add printed rugs, pillows and covers in black and white and other creative or chic combos.

6. Pick a gorgeous seventies lamp

Make the seventies inspired chandelier the start of your dreamy home. Its unique will start a conversation and will transform any room into a gorgeous space. Match it with a seventies inspired sofa or day bed and add colorful and abstract painting all around the space.

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