6 Bedrooms with clothes all over the place you will instatly love


If you have a small bedroom and a lot of clothes and accessories, there are a lot of fashionable ways to fill all the space and still have a fabulous room. Clothes and accessories look great, so make them shine and think of them as deco items that are perfect in the process of decorating your bedroom. Here are five dreamy ideas for you:

1. Funky vibe

Create a fashionable room inspired by the seventies. Choose a cool rack, it can also be a flashy one with metallic accents and decorate your room with lights with letters, quotes and a statement mirror. This bedroom look is perfect for people who own creative or retro clothes; they will pop up easily in the room and blend in great with the seventies decor.

2. Cool details

Pick black and white and a caramel brown or soft pink touch for your lovely bedroom and create a gorgeous romantic fall vibe for this room. This style is perfect for the ones who own a lot of romantic clothes and neutral items. And because this look is simply dreamy fill everything with autumn flowers and enjoy this lovely season.

3. Pastel touch

Picture a bookshelf full of clothes and accessories instead of books. Brilliant right? Well, if you own a lot of stuff add them in an open closet that look like a bookshelf and add it next to your lovely pastel desk. Also, instead of pictures hang your hats and purses on the wall and enjoy this dreamy fashionable room for fall.

4. Country twist

This kind of room is perfect for music lovers who have a boho or seventies style. So add your music instruments in one of the walls and on the other one your favorite hats. Next to them, add a rack with your favorite dresses and boots.

5. Shabby and industrial mix

This industrial mix with cool rack is elegantly mixed with a shabby chandelier and small shabby chic deco boxes. This mix looks amazing and it’s perfect for people who own classy and elegant clothes and accessories. So pick your favorite clothes and shoes and make them shine on industrial racks.

6. Fashionable look

Make a really fancy wardrobe in your bedroom by mixing clothes and accessories with velvet chairs and a lot of framed pictures with quotes and fashionable pictures. Add also neutral deco elements and make all your beautiful clothes really pop up in a room.

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