How to Create a Garden Space You’ll Want to Spend More Time In

Many homeowners find that they are spending altogether too much time indoors. They’ve created an interior space designed for comfort but are finding that they have neglected their lawns and gardens. Creating a garden space that you’ll want to spend more time in takes some planning, but once you’ve drawn up plans for your dream garden, you’ll probably find the excitement building by the day. There’s no rest for the weary until you are able to get outside and rest under blue skies with the beauty of nature around you. Here is some of what you’ll need to do to create that garden space you’ve always dreamed of having.

It All Begins with a Dream

While some people want a garden where they can grow fruits and vegetables, others simply dream of a garden space with lovely plants around them where they can relax after a long and stressful day. The very first step in creating a garden you can enjoy is to identify what it is you are looking for. This is perhaps the most important step in the whole process because you can’t build something you can’t envision. Once you know what you are looking for, it’s time to put your dream on paper.

This is also a time to be honest with yourself. Although you may want a garden that produces enough vegetables to feed your family much of the year, do you really have time to care for that garden? Will your garden be safe from children playing in the yard or will you need to secure areas with garden gates to keep children and household pets away? What you want and what you can realistically manage are often two different things.

Create a Basic Blueprint on Paper

This is where you’ll measure out your property to see if you even have enough space for the garden you’ve been dreaming of. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the features you’d like to create, it may just mean that you need to make a few alterations to fit it all in. For example, if you’d like a garden adjacent to where the children are playing, you may need to consider adding side gates so that you can get back and forth between the fence that separates the garden from the children.

Start with a basic sketch that includes such things as the layout of your garden and dimensions you have to work with. Draw in any wooden garden gates to the outside of your property as well as those side gates going between areas of your lawn and the garden you are planning. With a blueprint in hand, it’s time to go on to the next stage.

Mentally Walk Through Each Area of Your Planned Garden

This is one of the places where homeowners neglect something of vital importance. Getting back to those wooden gates for just a moment, it’s time to take stock of everything which can be viewed from within your garden area. Is your wood fencing high enough to obscure any unsightly views which would interfere with your enjoyment? If so, hold off on installing that garden gate just now.

You may need to contact a supplier like who have an online live chat for an estimate on gates and wood fence panels tall enough to hide anything you don’t want to see. If you’ve ordered a shorter garden gate, you’d need to return it in favour of a taller gate which would preserve the line you are creating with your fence. No, your garden isn’t completed just yet, but you will need to use your imagination area by area to ensure that you’ve accounted for everything from size to functionality.

Order Any Supplies and Materials You’ll Need for a DIY Project

Now it’s finally time to begin ordering any supplies and materials you’ll need to actually build your dream garden space. If you are going to be doing the work yourself, you may want to carry it out in stages. Even if you find that it’s cheaper to order everything you need in bulk, this doesn’t mean that you need to rush through the job.

At the very beginning when you began imagining what you’d like in your garden, one area probably took most of your focus because it was that important to you. This may be the place to start. However, if the area you intend to spend the most time in is in some remote corner of your property, it may be better to work your way outward from the house to that area. It’s simply a matter of mapping out a logical progression. If you are ordering supplies area by area, this is an important consideration.

Contact Any Professionals You’ll Need to Employ

Bear in mind that there may be some things you won’t be able to do yourself. Landscaping and hardscaping are two areas which might involve the use of heavy equipment. In this case, you’d want to get quotes from several companies before choosing which to work with. However, don’t be blinded by cheaper prices. As the old saying goes, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to labour! Supplies are another matter altogether.

Some Final Points to Take Away

When you are ordering supplies, it’s always best to order them direct because of the savings you’ll realise not going through a third-party. While labour is typically set at a going rate of what a professional would make hourly, supplies and materials can be found at wholesale prices. Keep this in mind when getting quotes and planning a budget.

Finally, remember that every garden must be cared for and if you feel you won’t be able to do the maintenance yourself, contact a variety of landscapers to get an idea of what it would cost to maintain your garden space regularly. If ongoing costs are more than you can cover, you may want to go back to the drawing board to redesign a garden space you can afford the upkeep on.

It’s hard to enjoy something you can’t afford, so let that be at the top of your head from designing your garden through to the completion of the work. Do as much of the work you possibly can and order materials at affordable prices. An affordable garden is one you can truly appreciate.

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