Four Ways to Decorate Odd Walls 

When a child draws a photo of a house, the creation often depicts a square building with a triangle roof, centered rectangle door, and a few square windows. In reality, most homes don’t reflect our childhood perceptions, boasting walls of windows, interesting curves and roof peaks, and different sized areas.

The design of your home may have left you with a few seemingly unusable walls. Perhaps because of their location, they aren’t suitable for furniture. They may be too long and narrow for traditional photo displays. So how can you decorate these oddities rather than leaving them bare? Here are four ways to decorate odd walls.

Mix-and-Match Photo Display

Gallery walls, showcasing artfully arranged images spanning a wide space have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, most aren’t designed to fit on narrow, seemingly unusable walls. For those walls, mix things up with a mix-and-match photo display. Use an assortment of images–you can get metallic and acrylic prints at Bumblejax in different sizes– and arrange them to fit the smaller space.

For the social media savvy, you can even get Instagram style prints to arrange in a photo grid. Incorporate a few in a shape or cover the space from floor to ceiling for a memorable photo display.

Gigantic Artwork

If you have cathedral ceilings or a big fireplace, you may struggle to decide what to display to fill the large area. For that, you should seek gigantic artwork. There are a few ways to go about this. Many department stores have large scale prints that you can purchase for a nominal fee. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to create an abstract piece of your own that incorporates your decor scheme.

Consider some of your favorite artists and take a look online. You can often get a blown-up poster print of classic artwork, which you can then mount to your wall. This often saves you money, as the art can be rolled up for shipping rather than trying to send a gigantic canvas through the mail.


Shelves and Space Optimization

Balance your design elements with functional space optimization. A narrow wall in the kitchen surrounding the light switch is the perfect place for a few small shelves. In addition to a few decor pieces, you can also add spices and small pantry items. Additionally, you could leave the shelving for decor pieces but add hangers on the bottom for utensils or wine glasses.

Your knives, spices, and other kitchen gadgets can become a design element themselves when artfully arranged. Try a few arrangements, focusing on keeping everything as organized looking as possible. There should be some thought put into how you set up these areas.

Chalkboard Wall

Another great way to fill in space on an oddly shaped wall is to use chalkboard paint and create a chalkboard wall. This can serve as a place to write notes to your family, create a command center with your calendar and schedule, create a grocery shopping list or any combination of them all.

Chalkboard paint has come a long way from its introduction in the early 2000s. You can now get the paint in a variety of different colors to match your home decor. In addition to purchasing chalkboard paint, you can also get chalk markers to create beautiful script and artwork on your wall that will look like a professional did it. Whether you opt to use a small space or a large area, try and use a wall that is curved or otherwise inappropriate for hanging things or placing furniture.

Odd walls are one of the many things that add character to your home, and as such, should be viewed as something positive rather than an inconvenience. Put your creative brain to the test and try implementing one of the above decor ideas on your odd wall.

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