8 Dreamy Parisian Chic interiors for a fancy fall

If you want an elegant home with a fancy vibe, this fall the Parisian Chic decor is perfect for you. Think about vintage furniture, luxury details and chic deco elements that will make you adore your dreamy home. Here are eight splendid ideas for you:


1. Chic morning

If you have a bedroom with big windows or a chic balcony, place your bed in front of it, to wake up every day with a gorgeous view. To make the space stylish add a statement vintage mirror, a velvet chair, a creative table and some chic deco items that you can place all around the lovely room.

2.  Nostalgic mood

Make a dramatic and elegant Parisian chic room by picking a dark color for your walls and mixing books with deco items in your bookcase. Don’t forget to pick a fancy chair in a bold colors or with a chic print and a gorgeous coffee table that you can style any way you want.


3. Aristocratic bedroom

Make a neutral bedroom simply wow by picking a mid century inspired chandelier and some dreamy vintage chairs that you can place next to your bed. Add also retro lamps and painting and enjoy your aristocratic inspired bedroom.

4. Let’s dine

Make a dreamy dining space for you and your friends by mixing different kinds of chairs, with modern or vintage styles with a long elegant table decorated with vintage candle sticks, flowers and sculptures.

5. Eclectic details

If you own a lot of art or deco item give you Parisian inspired living room an eclectic touch and mix and match framed pictures and paintings with colorful chairs, statement lamps and creative coffee tables. You will have the perfect study or reading space that can become a dreamy hanging out spot in the evening.

6. Vintage mood

Make a fancy bedroom space by picking a vintage aristocratic bed and cabinet. Add golden frames and mirror all around the space and pick fancy pastel wallpaper for this Parisian inspired room.

7. Neutral day 

Transform a minimal office into a Parisian space work spot by painting the wall in a pastel shades, choosing a statement mirror and adding roses and furry chairs all around the space.

8. Pastel bedroom

Make a bedroom really chic by adding pastel sheets and covers all around the bedroom and painting the wall next to your bed in a darling pastel shades. Add also gorgeous deco items all around the space and instead of a classic nightstand make one out of your wall and decorate it with books and framed pictures.

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