6 Ways of Making a House a Home

Moving to a new house is something exciting. Real estate agents will do their job by showing you every house available on the market that matches your preferences: location, amenities, nearby schools, and what not! But a house is just a structure that you’ve invested in. A home is something that you have to make.

Whether you choose luxury Antelope apartments for rent or the Henry apartments in Platt Park, these stylish apartments will have a personalized look when you put your time and effort to make them an ideal place where you can cherish every moment with the loved ones.

Want to make sure if the essence of your personality is present in every corner of the house?

Let’s explore different ways to transform a house into a home.


  1. Display Collections

To personalize your home, display collections that depict your personality, style, and taste.  Simply leave a stack of books and magazines on your coffee table that you love to read. Or hang up artwork that you have collected over the years. This will adorn empty walls and create a homely atmosphere.

  1. Think Of Indoor Plants As Home Decor Items

What could be better than walking into a room filled with colorful flowers or unique plants? Besides enhancing the beauty of an apartment, greenery can brighten up the surroundings while aesthetically improving the overall look of your home.

From using plants as table centerpieces or a collection of hanging art, there are different ways to use indoor plants for home decor. Choose the one that best reflects your personality.

  1. Turn A Plain Kitchen Into a Lively One

Some people have a minimalist approach to life and love to declutter. But the kitchen is a hub of activity in every household. The aroma of cooking and the endless chatter during meals are memories linked to it. So why not make it a place that also looks pleasing to the eyes?

Make it a lively kitchen by considering your fridge as the kids’ exhibits of artwork. You can do this by pasting their paintings on the fridge door. You can also buy some fridge magnets to enhance the look. Leave appliances that you use daily on countertops to enhance the lived-in atmosphere.

  1. Make Use Of Cushions And Rugs

It’s not just about buying the right furniture to match the overall decor of your house. It’s equally important to invest in comfortable pieces of furniture that you use on a regular basis. A couch or a beanbag on which you can stretch out after a busy day is one such example.

Place objects of comfort strategically around the house to add warmth to your home. Laying throw cushions on the floor, a plush rug in the living room, leaving a warm blanket on the sofa, or piling pillows onto your bed will make your home more inviting.  Plus, it’ll give your abode a comfy look.

  1. Display Heirlooms

Every family has its own culture and heritage. After all, this is what makes us different from anyone else. However, this doesn’t mean you should fill all the walls of your house with family photos. Instead of holding onto your family history, just displaying a couple of objects will do the trick.

Displaying family heirlooms such as antique pieces of furniture or your grandfather’s clock is a unique way of incorporating heritage into your home.

  1. Get A Comfy Corner For Yourself

Every home has a place where you can be just you. It should have everything you need to unwind. A comfortable chair or sofa, an easily accessible side table, and appropriate lighting are essential. Decorate it with your favorite paintings, a standing lamp, and neutral-colored wallpapers to complete the look.




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