6 Boho living room spaces that will wow you this fall

In the fall season, the boho style is that relaxed and happy look that brings summer back in any space. So, if you still miss the warm season, choose the boho style for your living room and get inspired by these six ideas:

1. Retro aesthetic

Mix and match the boho style with retro elements. The vintage look is perfect for fall and the boho one for summer, this way you will have the perfect deco mix in your dreamy space. Think about fancy paintings mixed with palm trees and cactuses or about vintage mirrors paired with dream chasers.

2. Neutral day

It’s super easy to bring the boho style in a neutral Scandi or minimal living room in black and white. Just add exotic plants, boho elements (in neutral colors) and just enjoy your new relaxing space for the fall season.

3. Velvet love

Velvet if the perfect fabric for the autumn season. So, pick a beautiful green or blue velvet sofa for your boho living room and enjoy an autumn setting. Don’t forget some oversized plants and some cute golden elements that will bring a fancy touch in this splendid space.

4. Artsy fall

If you want a more colorful space, pick a boho look that’s more rainbow themed. Add colorful pillows on a neutral sofa, mix and match neutral and colorful chairs and don’t forget some dreamy flowers that make you think of fall.

5. Boho mood

Transform a vintage room into a modern space by adding a lot of bohemian deco elements and a lot of oversized plants. Also, add a lot of covers and pillows and make you home the perfect cozy space for fall.

6. Waiting for winter

Pair mid century furniture with boho chic elements and add furry covers all around the space. This cozy and elegant space will be perfect for the cold season and will make you wish to enjoy your home more and more.

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