The dreamy guide in creating a stylish bathroom in 6 easy steps

The bathroom, that pretty sanctuary or home spa where we can enjoy a calm and relaxing moment in our busy, busy life. So, make it as dreamier as possible and take our 6 easy steps in creating the perfect bathroom space:

1. Pick a modern shower

The black steel shower is the star of this season so make sure you think about it when decorating the perfect bathroom. Pair it with black and white tiles, a modern and elegant bathroom chair and other minimal deco items. Also, you can add silver or golden details around the room and any modern stuff you wish for, because the whole setup is pretty cool and dreamy.

2. Or go for a retro and chic bathtub

If you have a retro bathroom or if you really love taking long baths, go for a chic bathtub and decorate it in a dreamy way. Add a wooden shelf for reading books or serving a glass of wines, add candles around it and dreamy plants. Also, make everything super lovely by adding a printed rug, an elegant cabinet and any elements that will make this seem more like a bedroom or living room than a bathroom. Also, think about calming and relaxing items and add them around the space.


3. Add your bathroom products in dreamy containers

For any bathroom products you pick, choose pretty containers and make sure everything has the same color scheme and the same style.Β  Also, arrange them in a dreamy way and add them all around your beautiful bathroom.

4. Organize your stuff in a lovely way

Think about every bathroom product or item and organize it in a dreamy way. Fold the towels in a squares or rolls and add them in a dreamy basket, select a beautiful tray for the small bathroom products, add your hand towels on dreamy stairs and think about any lovely posibbily there is and organizing and do it. An organized bathroom will give a Spa feeling to the room and of course the calm vibe that goes with is, you don’t want any messy corners in this relaxing room, do you?

5. Add plants

Plants bring a sanctuary vibe in an any room and also a calm feeling. They are also beautiful and perfect for your bathroom, where you add them around your bathtub or on dreamy shelves around this lovely room. And also, add as many as you wish, there are never too many in any kind of room!

6. Think also about art

You don’t usually think about art when it comes to the bathroom space, but you can also add painting and sculptures in this space to make it dreamier than you ever imagines. Also, you can add framed pictures, landscapes or quotes that will bring a calm vibe in the space. Pick the ones that work the best with the style of this space and you will love the result.

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