7 Perfect modern spaces for a lazy summer at home

If you don’t have that much time for a vacation, start by creating the perfect lazy space at home. Gather up comfy furniture, think about exotic details and relaxing items and start you dreamy home vacay. Here are seven dreamy ideas for you:

1. Lazy afternoon

Gather your comfiest things to sit on like big pillows and create the perfect lazy living room. Use neutral relaxing colors for this interior and dreamy inspiring paintings and framed photos that will make you daydream.

2. White balance

Picture this: the perfect living space filled with white elements and oversized green plants. Feeling like being on vacation yet? Well, this calm space helps you meditate at home and imagine you’re on the perfect island, just sitting and relaxing.

3. Ethno details

Feeling like traveling the world? Well, all you have to do is decorate your home with unique or tribal items that make you travel the world while being in your home. Think about your favorite culture, dreamy prints and deco items and create the perfect living space using splendid ethno details.

4. Fresh flowers and plants

Mix beautiful fresh flowers and the perfect green plants with an elegant sofa made out of dark leather or velvet and enjoy a lovely afternoon home. You will have a chic space filled with elements that remind you of nature and help you enjoy your home more and more.

5. In a boho way

In a lazy living room that makes you think of vacation all you have to do is imagine, so decorate this space with vacation landscapes with the sea, the mountains or whatever is your favorite summer destination. Add oversized plants or small home trees and don’t forget a neutral and relaxing color scheme for the furniture.

6. Neutral days

Pick a lovely neutral color palette for your living room focusing on light colors such as soft brown, beige and white and add a lot of texture and ethno prints around the room. Don’t forget wooden details and rattan elements, anything that will make this interior feel like a dreamy small home from an exotic destination.

7. Artsy dream

Surround a neutral living room with artsy pictures in bold colors and keep in mind to pick images that inspire you and make you daydream. Also decorate this lonely interior with a lot of comfy sitting solutions and a lot of oversized plants.

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