5 Dreamy solutions for a small firm or office space under 200 square feet

You want your own firm or business? Well, you know what the first step is: start small! Think first about your home and design a great office space there. But, if you don’t want to start the business in your own home, think about a small renting space of maximum 200 square feet and get creative. You can do wonders with a space like that; we will show you five easy tricks:


1. Make room for the offices

Think of the longest wall of your apartment or the house or space your rent and make this the desk/working space. Combine offices altogether or pick a long wooden table that you can divide with chairs. Everyone will socialize and you will create a close and efficient working environment. Also, pick slim chairs that don’t take a lot of room, but that are also pretty comfy. Comfort counts a lot in this kind of cases! Even if every desk is small make sure that everybody personalizes their desk with cute deco elements that are also practical for the daily tasks.


2. Think tall

Having a small space will make you think about storing items anywhere you can. Well, it’s time to think above the table or desk and start storing as tall as your room permits you. Pick tall shelves where you can store books and paper work and other deco elements that make a space looking pretty dreamy.

3. Think a lot about more storage and ingenious solutions

When you’re dealing with a space like this, think less wires and a wireless system to as many items as you can. Also, add storing solutions for your magazines, books and also add a lot of boxes storing the items you don’t want to pop out every time. Also, between the under the desk storage and the vertical one, think about heights and add storing solutions that are as high as possible.

4. Make a small meeting room

When decorating a small space you always have to think about mixing big statement items with furniture that fits. Doing this kind deco contrast along with a vintage modern duo will increase the idea of space in a room and everything will also have a chic touch. Also, because in an office a meeting space it’s really important, pick a round table that saves space and add chairs that fit under it. Pick a fancy design and, also, near these items add a statement chandelier that will create a wow effect in the room.

5. Get creative

Show your personality and brand features in your office. You can do that by adding inspirational boards, a gallery wall wherever you find a space on your wall, featuring your work or motivation and a lot of decorative items that show the work you do. Add them on top of the desk or at the entryway to make a great first impression.

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