11 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Children will spend a considerable amount of their time in their bedroom, as it’s their personal space to play, sleep and complete their homework. For this reason, it is important the room reflects their growing personality. It should also be comfortable, fun, and stylish, so they will feel happy to spend time in their private space.

If you want to create the perfect design for your son or daughter, read the 11 ways to decorate your child’s bedroom.

  1. Pick a Neutral Color Scheme

For a timeless, light, and airy bedroom design, pick a neutral color scheme, which will adapt to your child’s fast-changing tastes. If you want to add a little texture into the design, choose a gentle motif that will not dominate the space. You can add a pop of color into the bedroom design by adding colorful drapes, cushions, artwork, and bedding.

  1. Add a Splash of Color with Wall Accessories

Another way to add a splash of color is with wall accessories such as bunting, vinyl stickers, and hangings. It can brighten up a neutral backdrop, and you can easily change the décor as your child grows. The colorful décor will also trigger your child’s creativity, which could make them eager to draw, paint, write, or read a good book.

  1. Provide Plenty of Storage to Improve Organization

If there is one thing a child’s bedroom needs, it is plenty of storage. It will help to keep your son or daughter’s bedroom both tidy and organized. Consider installing bookcases, toy chests, and hampers, so they’ll have a place to store their much-loved belongings.

Under-the-bed storage is also a no-brainer in a child’s bedroom, as they will have ample space to store their clothing and toys, and they will find it easy to access their belongings. Whatever storage option you choose, make sure it is fun as well as functional to ensure it is the perfect fit for your little one’s bedroom.

  1. Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Kid’s Needs

Think carefully about your son or daughter’s needs before you purchase a new bed. While one single bed might be ideal for your child, it might prevent them from enjoying sleepovers with their friends.

If you want your child to connect with other children to build strong friendships, consider adding bunk beds into their bedroom. You can trust they will love to switch up where they sleep each week, and they will also be able to invite their best friend over for a fun sleepover.

  1. Express Their Personality with Custom Bedding

It is essential your children put their own stamp on their bedroom. After all, it is their space and not yours. Allow your kids to express their interests through their bedding. For example, they could display their love of sports, animals, or an animated character through a personalized design. Let your child decide on their bedding by visiting companies like Vision Bedding, which can help your child discover high-quality, custom bedding they will love.

  1. Create a Cool Hangout Area

Children’s bedrooms should offer a space for contemplation, study, and play, which is why you should create a hangout area within their room. For example, they will love to read sitting on a beanbag or hanging chair. You could also help them to unleash their creative side with a desk.

  1. Select the Right Nighttime Lighting

Don’t underestimate the importance of light in your kid’s bedroom. For example, if you want your child to feel relaxed and comfortable, add fairy lights to create a cozy ambiance. Task lighting either above or beside their bed could also encourage your son or daughter to read before bedtime.

Once they are done with their book, they can turn off the task lighting and fall asleep under the gentle glow of the fairy lights, which will increase their comfort and security. It is therefore ideal for children who are afraid of the dark.

  1. Add a Chalkboard to Increase Creativity

Both young and older children will love to use a chalkboard in their bedroom. It will encourage smaller children to embrace their artistic side, as they can use different colors to draw and write. Teenagers will also appreciate the chalkboard, as they can use it as a school planner. It is a practical feature your daughter or son will regularly use.

  1. Install Floating Shelving to Display Their Belongings

Floating shelving can complement almost every interior design, so that it will work in harmony with your kid’s bedroom. They will love to place their most prized possessions on the shelves, such as their trophies and treasured collections.

A trophy shelf will also be a visual reminder of their achievements to date, which could encourage your son or daughter to work harder and increase their ambition. Every time your child brings home a trophy, they will feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when placing it on the shelf.

  1. Improve Air Quality with House Plants

There are several reasons why you should add houseplants into your kid’s bedroom. The biggest reason is that it can improve the air quality within a room, so it is good for your child’s health, especially if they suffer from asthma or a respiratory condition.

Show your son or daughter how to care for the living organism, which will teach him or her responsibility. Inform them that it is their job to water the plant daily to keep it both alive and healthy. Plants can also add a splash of color into a bedroom, so they can become a beautiful focal point.

  1. Avoid Carpet to Avoid Stains

While carpet will be cozy under your child’s feet, the fabric can become a haven for scents and stains that can detract from their comfort and the interior design. For this reason, it is wise to opt for hardwood flooring that will stand the test of time, as it can withstand paint spillages, leaking pens, and colored chalk. If you want to add more warmth into your child’s bedroom, choose a colorful, cozy rug that complements their décor and room size.


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