The most 8 stylish living spaces that will surprise you this summer


Exotic, with a luxury vibe, minimal, Scandi or shabby? This summer the living room choices are unlimited as long as you have a lot of style for this dreamy space of your home. So, here are 8 stylish suggestions for your gorgeous living space:

1. Shabby moment

Make a dreamy shabby living room by choosing pastel furniture made out of velvet and white artsy elements. Also, add dreamy fresh pastel flowers around the space and dreamy pillows and candles in the same delicious shades.

2. Nature vibe

Make the perfect nature inspired living room by picking a green sofa, especially a velvet one and surround it with framed pictures with flowers, palm trees or anything that makes you think of the beautiful nature. Decorate the space also with small jars of plants and dreamy neutral deco items in grey and light brown.

3. Minimal dream

Mix a velvet sofa in an elegant color as emerald, ruby or ocean blue with minimal elements in neutral colors. Everything will look so chic and along with a lot of green plants they will make you dream of the lovely nature and a well deserved vacation.

4. Dreaming of the Old Hollywood

Match a golden vintage inspired coffee table with a beautiful velvet sofa for a fancy space where you can escape from a busy day.  Add also mid century inspired lamps, cozy elements a retro bar and pictures that remind you of the elegant Old Hollywood.

5. The Golden Era

Pick the magic white green and gold combo and you will definitely have a fresh and stylish living space. Pick oversized green plants, choose a white sofa and add golden frames, coffee tables or vases to make everything have more of a luxury vibe.

6. In a vintage vibe

Make a stylish chandelier be the statement piece of your elegant living room and math it with a velvet sofa and a mid century inspired coffee table. Add also seasonal flowers around the space, retro paintings and add some summers sheets for the couch pillows.

7. Exotic paradise

In a back and white space pick a brown sofa and green oversized plants. This color combo will make the space more modern, relaxing and the perfect summer escape after work.

8. Color me pretty

In a stylish black and white living room add bold colors and artsy retro inspired element, along with some geometrical prints like the lovely black and white stripes. Everything will pop up better and this room will have more class!

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