Creating a dreamy living room in 6 easy steps

Planning to move into a new home? Then, our dreamy deco guides will help you in moving faster, choosing furniture and creating the perfect dreamy space. Here are six easy steps to follow when creating a gorgeous and very stylish living room:

1. Start by choosing a neutral sofa

The first thing to do when decorating the living room is choosing the sofa, you will see that everything else will gravitate around it. And by choosing a neutral sofa you will see that decorating will become easier and your living room can turn of Scandinavian, eclectic, shabby, Parisian or boho chic, Californian, anything can happen!

2. Give contrast to the room by adding a rug

The next thing you want to do is pick a great rug that has a print that defines the style you want for your living room and adds colors or texture to the room. You can pick a big rug in a neutral color scheme or go with an Ethno print or just pick a small one with texture and a great graphic game. By this time the style of the room will start to shape up.

3. Organize everything on the perfect coffee table

Now that you have the style of the room, pick a coffee table that will go with it. Choose a minimal one for a Scandi room, a golden sophisticated piece for a Parisian interior or a wooden one for a Californian chic space. Then, make a great styling for the table and arrange your coffee and daily essentials like photo albums, books, candles, candlesticks, trays in a dreamy way.

4. Add a corner next to the sofa for reading or extra sitting

You will need extra sitting and also a dreamy chair in the same style to add more style and class to the room. So, choose the perfect chair or armchair model and decorate it with a cover or furry elements and create around it the perfect reading spot. You can also use it for extra sitting, as you know a sofa is never enough.

5. Give personality to the room by adding a dreamy gallery wall

Next to one of the walls or above the sofa create the dreamiest gallery wall that ever was! When choosing the framed pictures you have to keep in mind two things – focus on the style of the room and think about what defines you or what you’re passionate about. Keep in mind a neutral color scheme but also add some pop of color when choosing some of the dreamiest pictures.

6. Style up the space using plants and gorgeous lamps

To add style to the space pick a gorgeous statement lamp and add it in the back of the sofa or in one corner of the room. Choose a golden one for an eclectic or glam space, a minimal one for an industrial or Scandi interior or a very cool one for a minimal space. Then, add an exotic vibe using oversized plants that will work wonders in a Californian chic, retro or boho interior.

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