Create a dreamy bedroom in 6 easy steps

Make a dreamy bedroom is just six easy steps following our lovely tricks that will make this room the perfect space for relaxing, reading and of course sleeping. So, here the six tricks to follow:

1. Pick the bed that suits your needs the best

Do you search for comfort or looks when picking the perfect bed? Well, if comfort is the answer for you, pick a minimal design and choose wisely the mattress, you can add the mattress directly on the floor and just make everything dreamy around it. But if you search for a great design that will define best the style of this room, choose a very stylish bed frame in a velvet fabric, with a luxurious vibe or in a shabby or a more elegant note. And, if you are a dreamer the canopy bed is the best for you, especially when decorated with dreamy lights.

2. Choose neutral sheets and fun pillows

To make your bed really stylish, choose neutral sheets and give contrast and color accents when picking the pillows and the bed cover. So, add pillows with different fun prints or pastel shades and pick a bed cover in a very elegant or dreamy pastel color.

3. Add coziness with rugs and covers

This space is meant to be the coziest in your dreamy home so make sure to add cozy element like a rug with a neutral or colorful print that will match the style of the room. Add also furry covers on the bed or on one chair next to the bed to give everything shape and a gorgeous moody vibe.

4. Add the perfect nightstand

The nightstand should define the style of the room, so pick a cool or original one for a minimal, industrial or Scandinavian bedroom, and an elegant or retro one for a fancy bedroom. Also, you can choose one with glam details for a Parisian chic bedroom. When decorating it you can add gorgeous lamps, fresh flowers in elegant vases, candles and your favorite books.

5. Decorate the space using framed photos and mirrors

On top of the bed you can create a small gallery wall using inspirational quotes, photos that show emotion and the ones that inspire you. You can also pick abstract motifs or dreamy landscapes that relaxes the eye. Also, decorate the space using mid century or statement mirrors to give a fancy or luxurious vibe to this gorgeous room.

6. Choose deco extras like elegant reading lamps and dreamy bed benches

Finally, to make everything really dreamy add a lovely bench next to the bed that will match the style of the room. Pick a wooden one for a Scandi bedroom, a velvet one for an elegant or feminine space and a minimal one for an industrial bedroom. Also, decorate everything with the lights that fist best the room, a dreamy chandelier for a Parisian chic bedroom, a cool lamp for an industrial space or some mid century lamps for a retro interior.

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