8 Exciting ways in which colorful sofas create a dreamy contrast in your living room

The sofa, always one of the most important pieces of furniture of your living room or open space. It creates contrast in this lovely interior, it connects the other deco elements and makes them have the correct balance. So, make sure you pick one that fits perfectly and makes a statement in your dreamy home. Our suggestion is a colorful sofa, especially for a neutral room. So, here are eight exciting ways in which a sofa in a great color can create contrast in your gorgeous living room:

1. Pastel game

This dreamy pastel sofa brings a happy mood into a boho chic interior in black, white, gold and green. It’s also calm and easy to accessorize with printed and furry pillows, the perfect deco items for a bohemian interior. Also, pastel shades look super modern, so they will give a cool touch to any kind of room you add them in.

2. Industrial look

A colorful sofa in a classy and elegant shade like royal or cobalt blue can bring color and contrast in a black and white room, especially one with and industrial style. Pick it for a cool loft, a work studio or a masculine room and you will love the stylish look the space will have.

3. Velvet green

Bring a touch of color and elegance with a green sofa in a room full of plants and an exotic and boho vibe. Pick velvet for the sofa and bring a royal vibe in this luxurious wannabe room.

4. The soft balance

When you have a room in a dark or dramatic color scheme, make everything softer and well balanced with a beautiful pink sofa. This item will bring a relaxing vibe and a soft tone in a dark room, giving it also more light and a really useful illusion of a bigger space.

5. Tropicana

If you have a retro or vintage inspired room, make it more modern by adding a modern sofa in a bold color, like red. This couch is great for an artsy room and can bring a tropical vibe in the space if matched with flowers, art albums or framed photos and a lot of happy color accents like orange or yellow.

6. The fancy burgundy

Look what a great, stylish and elegant sofa this sofa can create. All it takes is an extravagant and royal shade like burgundy and also a matching statement framed picture. To make this interior more stylish add also velvet pillows, oversized plants and some dreamy peonies.

7. Modern look

Another great example of a happy element in a masculine and neutral room is this orange sofa that gives contrast to everything in this dreamy space. Also, try to create the perfect color balance by picking the winning combo blue orange, but a dark or dusty blue so that the orange sofa can really stand out in the living room.

8. Yellow dream

A yellow sofa is a great choice for a living space – it bring a calm vibe in the room, is warm, welcoming and creates a great color balance in this interior. Match it with exotic plants, artsy items and also, for a more eccentric look, with animal print or zebra pillows.

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