8 Dreamy minimal interiors with a luxurious touch

You can’t ever go wrong with a minimal room and if you sometimes think this style is too simple, mix it up with cool items and some glam details for a luxurious touch. Here are eight minimal spaces for you to adore and that will show you this mix is simply amazing:

1. Relaxed day

Give personality to a neutral sofa with a modern design by adding pillows in elegant colors and abstract prints.  Also, for a luxurious and cool vibe, add roses in a minimal vase, choose a modern coffee table and pick fashionable and inspired pictures to frame on your walls.

2. A game of pastels and neutrals

Pick soft pastels and pair them with neutrals for a calm, cool and pretty modern living room. As for the luxury elements, pick a coffee table made of marble or that imitates these materials. Also, add some color in the gallery wall and pick gorgeous and original deco elements like candlesticks in modern shapes.

3. The cool dining space

Mix and match new metallic chairs with a pair of retro ones and create a modern and cool look for your dining room table. Surround everything with a very artistic gallery wall with pictures in different sized, a very cool lamp and metallic elements.

4. The cool open kitchen

Make a cool open dining space by matching a kitchen with white subway tiles with a relaxed dining space with rattan chairs. Everything will look pretty modern and along with black minimal elements, green plants and modern deco items, the whole scenario will look like one from a luxury magazine.

5. A little bit of luxury

Pick a black minimal bookshelf for your living room and decorate it with cool and minimal deco items. Add golden candlesticks, beautiful flowers in vases, cool candles and add a very creative gallery wall next to the bookshelf. Everything will have style and personality and you will love this corner of your home. Add a dreamy salt lamp for an extra touch of personality.

6. The calm evening

In a minimal living room add contrast and cool elements by choosing all black frames and a modern bookshelf. Also, add a luxury vibe using furry covers, a marble coffee table and also chairs and deco items with a great design.

7.  Soft touch

Pick a cool and minimal design for your bed and decorate everything in your bedroom in black and white. For a cooler vibe add a statement painting next to the bed, just laid down on the floor and make everything having a luxury vibe by picking marble elements, a modern nightstand and beautiful vases with flowers.

8. Nature vibe

Decorate your bathroom utensil with golden accents and you will love the luxurious vibe this room will get. Also, because green makes a great pair with golden, add a lot of plants around the room.

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