7 Modern nooks that will make you want to read more

If you have a summer vacation and extra reading time, make a dreamy nook in your home and catch up on your reading list. This season make one with modern details and add cozy deco accents around the place, so get inspired by our seven chic reading nooks suggestions:

1. In the daylight

Add your dreamy reading nook next to a big window and pick a comfortable and stylish chair for this lovely corner. Add also tropical plants and hang a motivational quote that will inspire you day by day. Also, choose cozy elements around the corner, like some comfy pillows and furry rugs.

2. The stylish nook

Make a stylish nook around a modern bookshelf and prepare your perfect books for summer. Add a small sofa or fancy armchairs for the corner and don’t forget puffy pillows and some with cool prints.

3. Pink touch

Make a tropical paradise that’s perfect for reading in your living room. Pick a terrace looking chair made out of rattan and pair it with oversized tropical plants. Add a lot of pillows around the spot for a cozier vibe and pick the calming pink as the main shade.

4. Retro paradise

Mix modern and retro item for a fancy reading corner that’s perfect for summer. Add also tropical elements around the space and some cheerful colorful art with exotic motifs that will make you think you’re reading on the beach, on the perfect vacation.

5. It’s all in the details

Add a gorgeous puffy ottoman next to a fancy chair and create a modern reading space that will make you feel like living on an elegant hotel. Add also neutral deco elements and tropical plants and enjoy a reading day at home.

6. Elegant mood

Make an elegant and modern reading nook with a Californian touch by picking brown leather armchairs and some gorgeous green plants. Don’t forget a furry cover and some gorgeous golden details to style up the space.

7. Nature lover

Surround yourself with tons of plants, flowers and shabby bird cages and recreate the feeling you’re having a reading break in the nature. Add also calm pastel for the chairs, covers and pillows and pick a wooden coffee table for this dreamy corner.

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