5 Reasons why you always have to choose comfort above style

You know that scenario of a room that looks gorgeous and it’s filled with designer chairs, sofas or armchairs and people don’t sit on those particular ones? Well, I myself discovered it after decorating my new home. And this article I’m presenting to you is like a life dilemma that you figure out on your own skin. So, when decorating something new or just redecorating a room, think of a welcoming space and most of all of comfort. Nobody wants to sit on a furniture showroom or a in a room that looks like one from a museum. So, here are five reasons why always and always comfort is more important that design in a home:

1. No matter the fancy dinner chairs you pick, your guests will sit on the one that looks the most comfortable

As I said above, people see comfort, it’s always that one obvious chair or armchair that looks puffy or has a great fabric on top of it. Sure, there are a lot of designer chairs that don’t look that comfortable but they sure are, but try to keep them for yourself, not for your guest. This way, your guests will stay longer and everybody will be happy. Your room will still look nice thought; there are a lot of comfortable chairs that look amazing.


2. At the end of a long day all you search for is actually a comfortable sofa

There is nothing better at the end of a long working day than relaxing in a comfortable sofa, is there? It will make you want to rest more, watch more TV, movies and such, interact with your family or friends at a movie night or just hang out with your favorite people more often. As an advice, pick a neutral one, no matter the design, it would easily fit great in any kind of room.

3. And what about a good long nap? Of course, all you need is just the most comfortable bed!

Yes, sure a bed has to look nice and dreamy, but at the end of the day it’s all about comfort, right? Think about a short nap or a good night sleep and remember that great feeling of stepping into a comfortable bed. By that time you will forget all about its design and enjoy more its characteristics.

4. How about a reading corner with an elegant chair? No, all you really want is a nook filled with comfortable pillows

When you read you have to be fully relaxed to enjoy the book and the story. So, instead of picking a fancy or beautiful armchair why not create your own special place? Fill it with pillows, pick a home nook and create a fairytale getaway perfect for new stories.

5. A terrace full of pretty chairs and pillows and al your guests want is to sit on pillows or on the rug?

Again, when specking of a room where people tend to sit, especially a beautiful terrace, they will sit relax in a mysteries place, like pillows. So make sure that besides chairs you will have lots of comfortable items to sit on. This way you can make your balcony space perfect for a group gathering.


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  1. This is such a cute post. You are so honest and i love it. This is exactly what i want. comfort over beauty. i love how you are so honest. thank you for such a lovely post! 🙂