5 Reason why ”The old brand new” is the trend to follow this season

Renewing old furniture has become a great trend, especially when you know there are a lot of gorgeous mid-century items that with a little help can look band new and super stylish. So from renewing old stuff to purchasing new items inspired from the mid century or retro era, ”The old brand new” has become a huge trend that a lot of people follow in their dreamy home and that we also adore. So, we gathered up five reasons why this lovely trend has increased in popularity over the years why its super big right now:

1. The mid century trend is that classy and cool influence you really need in your living room or bedroom

An ”Old brand new” home always looks classy. The renewed furniture keeps and elegant and refined vibe and also adds a little bit of value and memories to the space, Also, every old design is pretty different and with new colors and prints it can become super cool, original and really distinctive in one’s home. So, if you pick this style for your living room or bedroom you will have a fancy room, that’s really artsy and inspiring.

2. Its great when mixed with modern elements and it helps them stand out

Creating and old and new contrast in your dreamy home will make everything really stand out. So mix and match old and new furniture in the same retro style and create a perfect balance in your home. Also, everything will look fresh and super cool!

3. It has a luxurious vibe, especially when you pick a lot of metallics

Silver and gold work wonders along mid century and retro inspired furniture. Pick them for your lamp and chandeliers, coffee table or even for your chairs. With these stylish metallics everything will instantly get a luxurious vibe that you will adore.

4. You can play with colors, especially when picking the chairs and the velvet furniture

Colorful velvet sofas in bold or royal shades, dreamy colorful armchairs or chairs, anything can have color in ”The old brand new trend”. So, think about emerald green, burgundy, cobalt blue, sunflower yellow or orange and start mixing it up in your retro inspired home.

5. It really doesn’t go out of style

Being classy, so refined and with a great attention for details in its design, ”The old brand new trend” it’s timeless and perfect for a home you don’t want to change a lot. But, when you do want to add or replace something, just bring something new in the same style or a metallic elements and everything will look simply dreamy!

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