How to Brighten Up Your Home

When your home is dark and doesn’t have much natural light coming in, it can sometimes feel as though you are living in a cave. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to add light to your home to turn it into somewhere bright and cheerful. This involves things like changing the colour scheme of your room or adding some mirrors to open up the space a bit more. Keep reading if you’d like to find out about more about some of the things that you can do to brighten your home.

Get Some Mirrors

One of the best ways to open up and brighten a room is to add some mirrors. When you add a mirror to a room, you reflect the light that is coming in and encourage it to fill the entire room. Often people report that when they add a mirror, their room looks a lot bigger and so you’ll be able to escape that feeling that you are living in a small space. If you can, make sure to get a large mirror as this will help to maximise the effect rather than having a small one facing the light. Don’t be afraid to experiment and figure out the best placement for your mirror to make your room a little brighter.

Update Your Curtains

One of the biggest causes of a dark room is having the wrong type of curtains. Heavy dark curtains can have a massive effect on the light in the room, so it is important that you try to update your curtains if you can. Make sure to check out a site like who offer different options such as both ready-made and made to measure curtains, giving you the chance to have more control over the decision making process.  They also allow you to choose from a range of different materials including net, which is perfect as the material allows natural light to enter the room even when you want to keep the curtains closed.

Paint the Walls

Our next tip is for those people who have dark coloured décor in their rooms. Adding a coat of white or light grey paint can do a lot when it comes to making your room appear to be brighter. You’ll want to get rid of any black or dark red wallpaper or paint that adds to the overall dark effect on the room. Make sure to choose a colour for your wall that fits the colour scheme of your whole room.

Change Your Bulbs

If you have dull lighting in your home, consider that you might be using the wrong type of light bulb. This is important for both overhead lighting and the lamps that you are likely to have scattered around your house. When you are choosing new lightbulbs, opt for those which give off a bright white light rather than the yellow tinted ones. This will massively improve the brightness of your home so make sure to give this easy fix a go.

Think About Your Furniture

If you are really invested in making your home look brighter, you should consider getting rid of your dark furniture for white or cream items. Having white furniture can seem scary at first because spills will show up more easily but if you are likely to be keeping your home tidy, give some white furniture a try. If you have a dark floor you can also add a light coloured rug that will totally transform the brightness of your room. Don’t just focus on the colour of your furniture, you should think about bookcases and tables that might be affecting the light in your home. Make sure to keep any of your larger items away from the windows. They might actually be blocking more light than you think they are. Keep lower furniture near the windows and you’ll be able to let in more of the natural light.

Final Verdict

If you want to brighten up your home, there are many effective ways of doing so without spending too much money. If you are keen to redecorate your home in order to get more light in, you should make sure to opt for bright colours and light coloured curtain materials on the windows. Make sure that none of your windows are blocked by large furniture or ornaments and you’ll be able to see more natural light in your home. If you know that natural light is not the solution to your problem, try adjusting the colour of lighting that you are giving off in your rooms. Try to opt for white bulbs rather than yellow and think carefully about the placement of your lamps. If you are able to make your home a bit brighter, you will enjoy spending time in each room in your home.


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