8 Fun printed rugs that will bring a joyful vibe in to your summer home

Time to style up your summer place and add some color and pattern to it. And there’s nothing better to give shape, contrast and unity to a space than a fun printed carpet that can bring joy to your summer home. Here are eight dreamy ideas just in time for this lovely season:

1. Relaxing days in the bedroom

For a neutral bedroom color scheme, in relaxing colors, pick a printed rug in soft colors that will create a dreamy contrast in the room. Match it with neutral deco items and dreamy green plants and enjoy a calm and joyful day at home.

2. Summer dining room

Make your dining room more joyful, colorful and ready for summer by adding a printed rug just under the dining table. Pick neutral chairs for a great contrast and add colorful elements on the table.

3. Fancy hallway

Make an exotic hallway with fancy accents that will make your home joyful and welcoming for the summer season. Add a colorful printed rug, oversized plants and a fancy nightstand and armchair in pastel colors that will bring class to the space.

4. Moroccan living room

Match a Moroccan inspired rug with a sofa in a royal or bold color to really create a happy and vibrant living room. This color scheme is perfect when paired with tropical fruits and elements and that will make you feel like in an exotic vacation far away from home.

5. Get your groove on the balcony

Add a cool printed rug in your balcony space and prepare for a great day outdoor. Match this scenario with some retro music devices, fresh flowers and magic lights and everything will look even dreamier!

6. The bathroom rug

A printed colorful rug will create a great contrast in a neutral or all white bathroom. For a cooler vibe pair it with black and white creative shower curtains or framed abstract pictures.

7. The open space

The rug can be a perfect unity item between an open kitchen and living room. So, for summer make sure you pick one with colorful patterns for a neutral living space. This arrangement will bring a lot of joy to the space and if you want extra colorful items just match the colors from the rug with different deco items like chairs, bowls or vases.

8. Bedroom fantasia

Add some shape and texture with a colorful rug in a neutral bedroom filled with deco items that make you instantly daydream. Also, for a cool factor, add a creative lamp and a gorgeous vintage mannequin that will help you style up your clothes.

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