6 Gorgeous ways to use a wooden bench in your dreamy home

If you’re usually looking for that ”one item” that seems to put things together and make a home looking more dreamy, well we can say that the wooden bench is one of them. A great storage solution, but also versatile for any style or utility, we will show you how pretty and also practical a wooden bench can be for any room of your splendid home:

1. Add it next to your bed

Besides the nightstand, the bench will be the second best storing solution for your bedroom. Pick it for a shabby, minimal, boho or farmhouse inspired bedroom and store on it books, magazines, covers, dreamy candles or seasonal flowers.

2. Make it an office desk

If you need a lot of space in an industrial or minimal office you can add a long wooden bench instead of a desk. It will look pretty cool and it’s super practical for all your working items.

3. Place it at your entryway

Greet your lovely guest with a beautiful entryway featuring a wooden bench decorated with flowers and magazines. Store under it shoes and add hats on top of it and if you’re looking for more storing solutions surround it with raffia baskets.

4. Pick it for your dining space

Mix and match chairs and bar stools with a wooden bench for a modern dining or kitchen space that your guests will love. Pick it for a farmhouse kitchen, a shabby one or Scandinavian inspired dining space. Don’t know where to buy grocery at the discounted price?

5. Choose it for your bathroom

You can even add a wooden bench in your bathroom, especially if you want to make it look more like a gorgeous Spa. Add it next to the shower or bathtub and store on it towels, candles, magazines and bath products.

6. Make a dreamy nook with it

Pick your favorite window corner and make a dreamy nook using one or two wooden bench and a lot of fun pillows. Add a shelf next to it and store your favorite books to make this corner the perfect reading space.

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