6 Darling kitchens in happy colors to daydream about this summer


In the summer time you can feel the motivation of trying new recipes, so you really need a happy and calm space that will make you want to spend time in your kitchen and enjoy cooking or just a fresh lemonade. So, we prepared six darling kitchens that are just perfect for this beautiful warm season:


1. A touch of yellow

Add a pop of color in a neutral kitchen by picking a bold color that can create an amazing illusion effect in this space. Match grey with sunflower yellow and you will have a fresh kitchen that will make you want to try new recipes this warm season.

2. Fancy red scenario

Neutral brown and soft red work like wonders together and create a cool and fresh kitchen space that brings you joy and calmness. Pair this color palette with metallic elements for a modern look and other soft neutrals that will make you always daydream in this interior.

3. Shabby details

Pair a white and neutral shabby looking kitchen with green cabinets that will give a refine and elegant vibe to the room. This royal color is also positive and fresh and just perfect for the summer season. Also, add lemons around this space and the color palette will look simply lovely!

4. Botanic look

Match subway tiles with a happy and calm color and add some botanical details around the space. This space will get the feeling that you are serving lunch in a summer garden, where you can just sit, relax and enjoy a day in your own personal space.

5. Blue sky

For a calm and relaxing kitchen space pair blue with neutrals and pick a minimal design for your kitchen furniture. Also, you can have different color accents in bold colors such as green or orange that will shape and give contrast to this dreamy space.

6. Savanna Dream

In a neutral kitchen with a lot of green elements that makes it look like a green jungle, add a touch of yellow to give this dreamy space a little bit of contrast. Everything will look gorgeous and perfect for summer and you will love to serve a glass of lemonade in this perfect savanna wannabe scenario.

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