Top Tips on Using a Carpet Cleaner Machine

So you’ve decided to step your cleaning habits up a notch; that’s great for you! At some point, a regular vacuum cleaner might no longer cut it – so you’ll need something to clean the carpet while dusting it off.

Many people are afraid that using a carpet cleaner machine is just going to overcomplicate things – but it’s not entirely true. In fact, if you can use a vacuum cleaner, chances are that you’ll be able to use a carpet cleaning machine as well.

If you still feel like you need some help, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Read the Instructions

Perhaps one of the smartest things to do before using a carpet cleaning machine is to read the instructions manual. Find out how you’re supposed to use the unit and what setting would work best for your purpose.

Many people tend to skip this stage, and just try to use their intuition on operating. However, this is a bad idea since you might miss out on some good features – features that will make your carpet even more sparkly clean.

Plus, by reading the instructions, you might just be able to avoid operations that would otherwise void your warranty. You’ll know every important thing right from the beginning, and it will be much easier for you to operate the machine.

Vacuum Beforehand

You might have bought the carpet cleaning machine to avoid using the vacuum cleaner anymore; however, for the best results, you might want to use them together.

Basically, the vacuum cleaner will work by removing the dirt lying loosely on the surface while the carpet cleaner will focus on the dirt embedded in the fabric. This will provide much better results on your carpet.

Pre-Treat Heavy Stains

No carpet cleaner is perfect, and if you are fighting with a heavy stain, chances are you might get annoyed at your cleaner for no reason. For best results, you might want to pre-treat or spot clean the carpet before bringing the big guns into the mix.

Prepare Your Furniture

Carpet cleaning machines use fairly powerful detergents, so you may want to prepare the furniture: remove it or cover the leg areas with plastic. This will prevent your furniture from being damaged in the process – especially if it has a highly sensitive surface.

Begin on Corner

When you clean a carpet, always start with the corner that’s on the opposite end on the exit door. After all, you’ll have to get out of the room somehow as the carpet dries – and it might not be such a good idea to step all over it just as you clean it. Come with a strategy that will let you exit the room without literally trampling over all your work.

Using a carpet cleaner is fairly easy, and it all generally depends on the specifications of each model. Read the instructions, prep the area, and then proceed to get your carpet all nice and clean. If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning machine, here is a great resource for you as well.

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