8 Dreamy Island ideas for a stylish and practical kitchen

Are you planning dinner parties, a person with a lot of friends or just a big fan of cooking hoping one day to be a master chef? Well, it’s clear that you need a kitchen island ASAP! Pick a dreamy one, but also make it practical and welcoming. Here are our eight dreamy suggestions for you:

1. Stylish mood

Mix brown in a neutral or blue kitchen and you will see a calm and relaxed vibe into an interior that blends modernity with a vintage vibe. Also, for a chic mood in this space, mix and match deco items with your kitchen utensils and plates and decorate your kitchen island with cute fruits and stylish utensils.

2. Blue day

Pick a dreamy pastel for your kitchen space and add two lovely shades of it. Mix a kitchen island made out of wood with this dreamy pastel and some cool stylish chairs for a gorgeous result.

3. The dining party 

If you love having a lot of guests over and throwing parties, combine your kitchen island with a dining table in the same shade. Then decorate it in the same way using dreamy green plants, seasonal flowers and stylish glasses and plates.

4. Modern look

Match a neutral kitchen island with a wooden table for a great and modern contrast to your kitchen. In the middle of them place dreamy deco items and flowers and surround the lovely island with cabinets in the same neutral shade.

5. Farmhouse mood

Surround a minimal and modern kitchen island with farmhouse inspired elements like rattan chairs and cute retro elements. Your whole kitchen space will get a warm and welcoming vibe you will enjoy a lot.

6. Everything dreamy

Why not combine a beautiful kitchen island with bookcase elements like recipe books and dreamy items that will help you prepare a fabulous dinner party. Pick beautiful and fancy items for your kitchen space and make this your favorite corner of your home.


7. In a retro way

This beautiful island is perfect for a farmhouse inspired home or a cute cottage where you can have your friends over for a 5 o’clock tea and a lovely meal. Also, you can pick it for a cute vacation home where you can make cooking parties.

8. Industrial vibe

If you’re want your kitchen island looking like a cool pub, pick industrial and minimal items paired with colorful glasses and kitchen utensils. You will love the looks and the space will be super fun to have friends over.

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