6 Timeless Interior Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

It’s not uncommon to for homeowners to make home improvements and renovations every few years. Maybe you want to apply a trendier paint color to your entire home or maybe you’re ready to purchase new furniture that makes the living room look and feel cozier. While there will always be things in your home that you want to change and projects you want to tackle, sometimes it pays to make interior designs that can withstand the test of time.

The kitchen is one of the most redecorated rooms. From new appliances to new countertops, there’s always something to upgrade. If you’re looking to save money without letting your home fall behind on the times, you’re in luck. Here are 6 interior design ideas for your kitchen that you’re sure to love for years to come.

1. Simplistic Backsplash Tile

One of the smartest additions you can make to a kitchen is simple backsplash tile. While you may want an eye-catchy or trendy backsplash, it’s better to let your cabinets or the countertops run the show. Instead of going with a bold backsplash, save the pops of color and trendy décor for other areas of the kitchen, such as the cabinets. Need some light?  Add a baywindow!

White, light gray, and other neutral colored tile is perfect for a contemporary kitchen. Neutral colors may not be as eye-catching, but you can introduce texture or a subtle pattern to set apart the tile. The fact is that no one has ever complained about their kitchen being too white or too clean. With a trendy backsplash, you risk having to make changes just a few years down the road.

2. Go Vintage

Vintage decor doesn’t have to look or feel dated. Not so long ago, white kitchens with faint hints of black and other colors were quite popular. We’re talking white cabinets, white backsplash, and white marble or granite countertops. You cannot go wrong with a white kitchen. While a bit harder to keep clean, white kitchens have a way of looking great for years to come.

A bright and neutral kitchen is comfortable, simple, and functional. If white isn’t your forte, consider a very light gray to add a little contrast to the room.

  1. Stay Neutral

Selecting the right color palette for your kitchen is one of the toughest parts of interior design. If you want a palette that is versatile and will last throughout the years, it’s best to stick to a neutral palette. Gray and white work beautifully with warm wood accents, creating a warm and comfortable room that’s perfect for family meals and entertaining.

With a neutral palette, you can add pops of color and fun designs to give the room a little more life. Brightly colored chair cushions, vases, and tableware can add just the right amount of color without being permanent!

4. New Doors

Most kitchens have at least one door that leads to an outdoor area, most often a deck or patio. While you may be worried about the standard kitchen items like appliances, furniture, and cabinets, don’t forget about the subtle pieces like your doors and entryways.

To add a fresh and brighter look to your kitchen, consider installing new sliding patio doors. Paired with the right window treatments, new sliding patio doors  can create a grand entrance (and exit!) in your kitchen. A fresh vinyl or wooden door can make all the difference in the look of the room.

5. Farm Sink

While farm sinks are quite popular on Pinterest, they’ve been around long before social media existed. If you’re looking for a deep sink that can hold plenty of water (and dishes!), consider replacing your traditional stainless steel sink with a farm sink.

These sinks are extremely comfortable to use and are ideal for washing large dishes like pots, baking seats, and even casserole pans. Since these sinks have been around for decades, you can rest assured they’ll still be quite trendy well into the future.

6. Hanging Pot Rack

There’s nothing more useful and permanently in-style than a pot rack. Aside from being a fun focal point in the room, this kitchen accessory is extremely handy. Say goodbye to noisy clanging pots and overfilled cabinets.

When selecting a pot rack, go with a finish that blends with the rest of the kitchen. If you have stainless steel appliances and cabinet hardware, your pot rack should follow suite. You’ll find pot racks in a variety of finishes including black, copper, and white. If you’re feeling a bit bold, refinish a pot rack with your own color choice!

The design you choose for your kitchen should be one that you’ll still love years from now. If you plan to redesign your kitchen this year, be sure to keep these 6 timeless interior design ideas in mind to create a kitchen that’s trendy, modern, and homey now and into the future.

What are the next kitchen renovation projects that you want to undertake? Leave us a comment with your best kitchen remodel ideas in the section below.


Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

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