6 Splendid tiny laundry room ideas

Even a tiny bathroom is perfect for a laundry room where a washing machine and a clothes dryer can fit perfectly. But having a practical bathroom isn’t the only thing here, you also have to make it really dreamy, so here are six easy examples for you to follow:

1. Vacation mood on

Paint your dreamy laundry room in a beautiful pastel such as pink or blue and transform the space into one that looks like one from a vacation to a sea destination. Pick green plants, add deco elements in the same colors as the paint and add your clothes all around the space in cute hangers.

2. Retro look

Decorate a laundry room in a retro way using a vintage inspired sink, a statement framed picture in colors reminding of the past and some cute green plants. Everything will look pretty dreamy, organized and inspiring.

3. Scandinavian day

Pick only neutrals for your dreamy laundry room and make a contrast with everything using rattan baskets for the clothes and wash products and decorate everything with dreamy green plants.

4. The dreamy look

Besides your laundry and wash products add on the shelves dreamy plants and framed pictures with splendid landscapes and vacation spots. Everything has to be dreamy for your chores to become easier.

5. Farmhouse vibe

Get inspired from a farmhouse when decorating your laundry space and add wooden shelves, white cabinets and beautiful dreamy green plants. To bring a glam vibe in the space, pick golden deco items that are useful and wash products that look pretty chic.

6. The shabby space

Create a shabby laundry space using pastels and neutral deco items that are inspired from this lovely style. Pick a lot of wire of raffia baskets, a cute chandelier and some cute words with an inspiring or welcoming saying.

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